Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi everyone..I think it is my turn to say something I am the oldest Fur baby in this house..I was 11 last September and I also think I am the best Looking..what do you think..Here are just a few more pictures of me so you will see what I mean
 This is me and my younger Sister Annie enjoying the weather in 2004 in Belvidere IL
 This is me with my chew in 2010 laying on the couch..It sure was good and I wasn't about to share
 This is me and Annie and I am on the right and I think I am cuter
 This is me and Annie snuggling a few years ago but we don't do that much anymore....I think maybe I am just getting to old...Did I tell you I was 11 last September :)

 Here I am enjoying the view and Maggie (my big black sister) is always hogging the couch

 I like the way Mom had someone do some special effects and put us in that relly cool cabin...I wish we really had that Cabin and Mom and Dad would like it too

 Opps..I pulled the cover half way off the couch but ...that's 
O K...Mom will fix it when she sees it and I will let her think Annie did it (Annie is spoiled more than me ha ha)

 I do NOT like having a bath but like it when Dad rubs me all over with the towel (He uses 3 or 4 towels to dry me)..mom gives us the bath and Dad drys us so I stay mad at her for a few hours but not him

 Then I just get to relax and wait for someone to bring me a treat (I like the ones Mom makes home made the best)

 This is not my bed but I can lay on it whenever I want and I wish they would put a pillow under my head too. Not real comfortable like this

 Just trying to look cute so Mom will just get done taking pictures and leave me alone for a while
 Just like the 3 bears...I think this bed is tooooo small ( I think it belongs to the cats anyhow)

 But laying on Mom and Dads bed is very comfortable

This just looked like a comfortable place to lay and it is the top of the crate and was a job getting up there
Well.....I guess that's enough about me for this time so will tell you all what else is going on...when we met the Landlord here we didn't like him and we tried to tell Mom and Dad but they ignored me...well now they are finding out why we didn't like him. He sent a letter to Mom and Dad a few days ago that he is changing the lease..yep raising the rent and he has listed the house for sale. It is pretty cold and nasty this time of year here in WI but he thinks he can just do that and then if someone wants this house he says we have to move out in 30 days. It is to cold to drive around looking at other houses let alone loading a truck and moving. I am sure Mom and Dad will fight with him over this and make sure we have a better house to go to..NONE of us liked it here and this Landlord is really a slumlord. Boy...I could tell you lots of stories about him but will save that for another day.
Mom and Dad worry about us 4 fur babies all the time and they hate it when he says he needs to come and fix something and he never fixes it...he just trashes stuff and leaves. We will all be glad to get out of this place.
The give away Mom and Dani and lynn had is over but they are excited and planning now for one in February so be sure and come back for more information about that.
Well I guess I better sign off for this time (Mom just told me she is getting tired of typing all this and she wants to go to bed) Maybe if I hurry I can beat her to the bed and hog her pillow..Night Night everyone

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hi everyone..Maggie trys to get all the attention but I have something to say now...First of all would like to remind everyone to hurry up and enter the give away that Mom and Dani and Lynn are having...they are each giving away 1 awesome item they have made with their own hands and remember that if you don't win you can still visit there Etsy shops and buy something and really reasonable prices too.
Mom is making us some special shampoo and I Hate getting a bath but might not be so bad with the new shampoo. She said we need our nails trimmed too and I do not like that either...she said I am like a bull that is getting branded and I won't just lay there and be a good girl...I just do not like them touching my feet but they can rub my belly if they want.
I sure will be glad when all the snow (and mud) is gone so we can go out and sit on the swing with Mom and Dad..I can spend 2 hours looking up watching for squirrels (that is what Mom says but I think it is only 1 hour)...isn't that a cool picture of me on the swing with Mom and Dad looking for squirrels...they aggrivate me a lot and Mom hopes I never catch one...she said it could hurt me a lot.
I guess we were pretty upset when Dad left in a red car with my human brother Mark..we love Mark but we were not happy that he took Dad away for 24 HOURS. We wouldn't behave and kept opening the LR curtains and barking out the window. When Dad left there was 2 bowls of food on rug but we did not eat even 1 little piece (and everyone knows that fat little Maggie will woof all the food when she gets a chance) but when Dad walked in the door and we knew he was back home all 4 of us ran and ate and emptied the bowls and jumped up on Dad and Mark to let him know we were happy he was home 
Dad went for regular check up this morning and was good news. The Dr took him off of one of his meds for Chlesterol because it was good and it is because Mom made him go back on the Shaklee suppliments..She said it doesn't matter how much they cost because they are safe and all natural and not a Drug...so now everyone is happy here and I sure hope Dad doesn't leave again (or Mom) unless we get to go with
See how happy we are when we get to ride in the car..Our little white sisters are laying down sleeping but we like to see where we are going and look at the scenery...till next time..hope everyone is staying warm and looking forward to spring like we are.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hi everyone..I am sure a lot of you remember me (I used to be naughty)..This is a picture of me and my sister "Calli" she looks a lot like out Dad (and he took off on my Mom.no support or anything) and I look like my Mom (the one that gave birth to me). We are going for a ride in the car with my Human Mom and Dad...That is our FAVORITE thing to do. We just Love our Human Mom and Dad soooo much. They are very good to us and our little all white sisters Bianca and Annie too.
Mom and Dad work very hard to keep us happy and always go the extra mil with putting fence up and making hand made treats 
Now my Mom and 2 of her friends have created their very own blog offering some of the OOAK things they make. It will make Mom and Dani and Lynn happy if you go check it out and leave a comment to enter their very first give away
This is what my Mom made to give away
Isn't it awesome..She also made some special Shampoo to give us a bath and will be offering it for sale soon so you can treat your Fur babies special too
Here is a link for you to go check out their give away
I hope the link works for you and just in case it doesnt she will try and put a link on the right side bar.
 This is a treat Mom bought for me and I go in the crate with it so no one else can get it :)
 This is sweet little Annie..she is the sister that has epilepsey and Mom or Dad hold her close and hug her when that happens..She is going to have a Birthday in a few days and will be 11 years old..WOW that is pretty old huh?  Calli and I are only 5 yrs old but we will have a Birthday in April..I wonder what kind of treats Mom will buy for Annies BD party and for ours in April
 This is Bianca and she was already 11 in September..She is grouchy a lot...maybe because she is getting old...She does NOT like to have her picture taken, can you tell by that look on her face
And this is sweet little (I mean big) Calli..she is sooo sweet and a good sister..she even lets me lay my head on her for a pillow LOL
I guess thats all I have to report to you this time..I will try and come back soon with more good news (Maybe show treats we got at Annies party :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015


.I am not sure if the link I am using will work but just in case it doesn't then please try Crafting Friends Trio.com...Here is the link
Lynn and Dani and I have finally launched our new Group and have a lot of really neat OOAK items for everyone..Nice gifts for Birthdays or Valentines Day ..Mothers day..Fathers Day or just because.
I have been trying to start a new blog but just can't figure some things out so looks like I will have to use my Huggins Haven selling blog until I get it figured out.
I will also be offering a give away within the next week so stay tuned.
Hope everyone is having a nice week end..We did get some snow today and getting very cold but I know spring is not that far off :) ...should be getting better in about 4 months
Here are a few pictures of some of my soap I just made and will be working on some more new things soon

I have many more things and also check out Dani and lynns items in the group..Please leave a comment with questions or if interested in buying anything

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I went on here a few days ago to post in here and had the pictures still on my phone... so I tried to email them to myself and after 2 hours of waiting I gave up and figured I would have to take them again with my camera and went to bed...when I got up next morning they were there but I think that is to long so have been taking more with my camera...when I take them with my camera they upload to Picassa and then I have to email to myself and then put in my album...Finally got it done so here I am trying to post again.
The new news is that Dani and Lynn and I have decided to be a trio for listing our hand made items and Lynn has started a new group for us on FB and it will be launched Saturday...then I decided to make my other blog (Huggins Haven) into a trio selling blog...Good idea huh? There are people that will see us on FB that don't look at my blog and also people that look at my blog that won't see us on FB.
We have all been very busy making new items plus I am doing a BIG mark down on items I still have just sitting here taking up room.
The pictures I am showing here is just a sneak peek as to what I have been working on but they aren't ready yet to sell ( They will look a lot better when finished).....I have gone back to making soap and bath salts and other bath items because it is something I enjoy doing and people that have used them were pleased also...Just take a look at these items and come back the first of the week to see them finished..We are working on some cool Valentines Day items also..here are some items to feast your eyes on for now   ( yes this is bars of hand made soap and you can select the scent from selection I will be offering AND can put a picture of your choice on the soap..nice display item in your bath room and of course you can even use it) :)

                                                           This is a big OPPS

Sorry about the picture with dogs on floor..Was accident but can't delete it :)
I will also be selling a lot of other nice items like sachets and other things and have a variety of scents for everything
I did get some nice  gift cards and cash for Christmas and had fun spending it stocking up on supplies ...but if I don't sell a lot I guess everyone will be getting bath items for Christmas this year :).
Dani and Lynn will also have some awesome items they have been working on so be sure and check back in a few days
OH..we will also be having a give away and you won't want to miss out on that.
I did ship a ton of things to Lynn for Craft show by her last month and of course only sold a few things so will be listing it also.
Hope everyone has a great 2015 ... I am positive we will all have a great year and all our wishes will come true
I do love getting comments so please feel free to leave one and if you have any suggestions for items you would like let us know
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon
This is what happens when you soak in the tub with my bath salts

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I know...I have been naughty about posting but hard for me lately to think of things to post about so hope I don't bore you with this post about some of my Fur Babies that have been nice.
Sassy has been very good and got up by the Christmas tree and I just told her no in soft tone and she got down and didn't bother it again
We went to Good Will and just bought a small tree so she wouldn't be tempted and I put it inside a box so wouldn't get knocked over plus you can't see the trunk this way
Anndarie likes to get up on end tables but never knocks anything over...She will be 12 years old this coming April
Pickles and Anndarie are full blooded sisters but Pickles can be mean sometimes and picks on Lucky a lot
Lucky was Nellies cat that was left with us to Foster for a while but her and Billy got attached to each other so she is now a member of the family here. The cat tree is one of the few places that she feels safe for some reason (or in Billys lap LOL)
Lola is a VERY good kitty and the sweetest kitty ever. I am sure a lot of you have read the story about rescuing her from a very bad life (and her kittens) and she is a very happy kitty now and feels safe and loved and makes me happy every time I look at her (when you can find her) and I know she has a better life now. One of her many places she loves is in the guest room or in the guest room closet and if you want to be a guest in our house you might have company and it is true...whatever Lola wants....Lola gets" if at all possible
And who could not Love sweet little Annie..She has seizures so takes a little special care but is worth every bit of it. She will be 11 in Jan
And then there is Bianca and she likes to be left alone but also likes to bark at the cats and has done so for 11 years now. She is upset with me in this picture and doesn't like having her picture taken
And then there is Maggie who's favorite place to hang out is on our bed. Maggie was VERY naughty for the first 10 months of her life and trashed everything you can name..when we moved back up North from AL she just stopped and vet said it was because she didn't like it there ...sure am happy that she liked it up North :)..I had one friend that used to say "You have 3 dog's and Maggie" and she was right
And last but not least there is Calli who is a real sweetheart and sticks to me like velcro...Her and Maggie are full blooded sisters and the Mother was Lab and Father was a German Shepard and I guess you can tell who looks like the Mother and who looks like the Father
OK..Guess I am done boring everyone now and I hope to come back very soon and update all of you with what else is going on in our house...See ya all soon