Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I know it has taken me a while to post again but having problems with blogger so will try again now
All the fur babies as well as us are counting the days until summer..(not counting on have a great spring...might just be a wet and cold one but I hope not)
Won't be much longer girls and you can go out and get some fresh air and then when the weather gets a LITTLE better Mom and Dad will look for a home with nice yard with a fence. That is at the top of our to do list, furbabies are very alert and we know what is going on...We hear Mom and Dad talking about what size house to buy and Mom is looking a lot on the internet just to see what is available here and we do like WI a lot
Mom made 2 nice big beds for me (Maggie) and my sister Calli and Bianca took it over so now she has to make another one but I don't think she cares since there isn't much else to do in weather like this.
Mom keeps her batting and stuffing in a huge plastic bag and when she needed some for a pillow she was making this is what she saw when she went to pick it up off the floor ..isn't that the sweetest face ever 
and now Lola and Sassy are taking a spot on Moms bed..Mom said she is glad she rescued them though or they would have froze and starved to death where they were.
We are all counting the days until Mom and Dad find us our FOREVER home

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My $600.00 cat and kitties (heavy with pictures)

Yes this is what greeted us when we were moving into dumpy house in Elizabeth,IL..I think she was checking us out to see if we might be the ones to save her
 This is what we saw when we pulled in driveway to look at house and she was very very skinny and soaking wet from being out in the rain
Here are her babies that she was so protective of coming up by the house to first we thought we saw some baby rabbits out in the field but then realized it was 4 kittens
 It did take a few days to get them to trust us and know we would not hurt them
 There was 2 that looked a lot alike and some were starting to get a little friendly and trusting
 After about a week they would come by the back door for food
 This is Lola (we named her that) and we put a dish of food inside on porch one day and she came in and sniffed it and left. About 15 minutes later she came back with 4 kittens following her. She wanted to let them know it was safe to come in and eat
We went to animal shelter and they let us use 2 traps to trap the kittens. Lola was not afraid and loved to come by us and rub up against our leg and let us pet her so was easy to ctch her..She would come in every time we opened the door but also wanted to go back out (not so now though).
We had one big dog crate and a friend loaned us another one and Billy started taming them and all but 1 was friendly and liked being petted. Right before we traped them they all disappeared and we hunted everywhere but it was Maggie who finally found them hid in a shed and that is where we put the traps to catch them.(Maggie was and still is facinated with Sassy)

We got some cerificates from shelter to have them spayed and we took Lola first since the kittens were eating the food we gave them. When we went to pick her up the vet said they have never seen such a sweet and friendly cat and they guessed her to be about 2 years old. When they went to do the surgery they discovered that she was pregnant again by about a month . That means she did not have any milk to nurse her kittens and if we had not rescued them they would have starved since they were not old enough for her to teach to hunt for food.
It was very sad learning how her life was for the first few years of her life when we found out that when the house was empty that the LL would come about once a month and stay for a week and just give her a tiny bit of food so she would keep the mouse population down. How dumb was that. He said when he pulled in the driveway she would come running looking for something to eat. He brought her in the house and sometimes he would even lock her in the cellar and never even put a litter box out for her and didn't even clean up after her so you can only imagine what the house was like when we moved in.
Why do you ask did we ever consider renting a house in that condition...well because of other circumstances we ended up living in a Motel for 2 1/2 months with our 4 dogs and 3 cats we already had. We were very depressed and so were the dogs. It was a not so nice motel and cops and ambulances were there 2 or 3 times a week...we had scum bags beating on our door asking for a ride to town and even then a camper or tent would have looked good.
The yard in Elizabeth was nothing but weeds that were higher than the top of my legs and LL was supposed to have it mowed but that never happened. Billy went out every day and picked up rocks and all sorts of things and started mowing it with his small gas powered push mower.
This is what it looked like when we moved in (June 3rd)
This was the sidewalk going up yo the back door
This was part of the yard where a farmer tried to come in and bush hog it and needless to say he did a lousey job
This is what it looked like in front of the deck going in the front door
another part of yard and there was rocks and all kinds of junk everywhere (He even found cell a swing and other toys.
This is just some of the ruts in driveway we had to drive through to get up near house to carry groceries in
This is over to the left of the deck when we moved in
This is over to the right of the deck near the sidewalk going to back door after Billy took all the rocks and other debree and rusty dented up garbage cans out of there.
This is just one area of feecees that Billy spent many hours scrubbing with bleach. It was like that in every room but I won't bore you with pictures of all the other rooms.
This is a long shot of front of house when moving in
This is a hole in the floor on the one porch that we had to cover with a board to keep wild animals out and anyone from falling in
Billy worked very hard on the yard when weather allowed and the rest of the time he spent scrubbing inside.
The whole upstairs floor looked like this and he couldn't even get it cleaned real good with scraper and bleach. He did have pleanty of things to keep him busy such as leaking pipe in down stairs bathroom that leaked and also one under the kitchen sink that did cause mold. LL refused to fix leak in roof and would not even put a CMD in house that is required by law in IL and cost $20.00...
This is what it looked like in July..Rose bushes and other plants and bushes all around house and lawn (mowed weeds) maintained every day. (Billy made the fence sections for decoration from old barn boards in 2009 and we moved them with us and will do it again) Our Dog Calli had reaction and was itching a lot and we found out that she was allergic to the weeds (even though they were mowed). 

Found new homes for 2 kittens with a vet 90 miles away that would see to it that they had good homes. One that was not real tame went to a neighbor there and we decided we could not move and leave Lola behind and decided to also keep one of her kittens so she wouldn't try and take off when she became an inside cat. It has worked out very well and Lola and Sassy are VERY close and we are happy that we chose to do that. No more litter after litter for Lola or freezing out in a shed and having to catch what she could to eat. (I am sure she would have froze with the weather we are having now) 
 One day right before we moved she knocked a screen out on the porch and went and killed (mutilated) a bird and came back through the same window and dropped it on the floor by my feet. Her own special way of saying thatns Mom and Dad for helping us.
Here are a few pictures of her and Sassy now in their new forever home. She doesn't try to get out and once in a while we see her looking out a window and since she doesn't see fields and sheds she knows she is safe in her new home. Her and Sassy both like the dogs (especially Maggie) and they stick together all the time.
Bought this little cube thing with 3 openings for $3.88 at WM and it was worth every penny just to watch them play in it the first hour they had it
This is a kitty tree and scratching post (since Sassy likes to scratch everything) that a dear friend bought them for Christmas and Lucky likes it too
Sassy waiting for her turn to go up in the tree
Lola and Sassy taking a nap on Mom and Dad's bed
Sassy loves any kind of string..even the lace's on Billy's slippers
Sassy Loves to snuggle with her BIG sisters too
Lola loves Mom and Dad's recliners and if they get up to go in the kitchen or when they go to bed that is where she goes. We also found out that Lola likes to lay on top of a piece of newspaper and we are pretty sure that may be all she had to lay on when locked in the basement.
No more of this Lola
Just this
Lola and Sassy are nice and healthy and have gained weight and that makes everyone happy
Slumlord there (and I could write a book about him) refused to give us our deposit back..We gave him $600.00 security deposit and $300.00 pet deposit (even though the house had feecees everywhere)  Total of $900.00....and after 6 weeks he sent us a ck for $300.00 and is charging us for the 300 gal of propane he claimes he put in tank. Propane was only used for hot water to do dishes (not that many dishes for 2 people) and to take a shower and a lot of hot water to scrub floors. I paid him $76.00 and that should have more than covered any hot water. Plus he says it cost him $47.00 to put ad in paper to rent house (Gee..thats funny..we found the house through an ad on Craigs list)
 I called an attorney (a friend of my one son's Father) and talked to him for about 5 min on phone twice and sent him a copy of lease and all he said is to read all the fine print next time and then sent me a bill for $360.00..No one ever told me when I called that he charges $200.00 an hour for advice. Called another atty office and she said they would charge a min of $600.00 to take it to court. Even though there is a web site for renters rights you still have to take slum lord to court to get deposit back but there is no law to inforce that  LL follows his obligations. Kind of sucks when you live on SS and a small pension. With that being said I figure it cost us $600.00 to rescue some kittens and give a home to 2 of them.
And to top it all off we got suckered again by another smooth talking slumlord that does NOT fix anything or do anything he says he will before you sign on the dotted line. Because of his LIES we have to take our laundry to laundromat just to wash it. Our dryer is plugged in so we bring it home to dry it. Very hard in this kind of weather and so far from Nov 1st to end of Dec we have spent $49.00 just to wash clothes)
 I will not be so stupid here and will NOT be paying my last months rent ($700.00) and will be looking to buy a place of our own. If we have to fix and repair things that are necessary on a weekly basis then we might as well do it for our self and also not have to ask permission to hang a towel bar in the bathroom. I will save the story about this slumlord for another post.
It will be hard to try and recoop $600.00 but I know with hard work..garage sales and selling on line and a lot of praying we will not be in this house no longer than Oct of this year (maybe even sooner and would mean breaking the lease but thats O K..) Will do whatever it takes

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Still unpacking and trying to find a place to put stuff. Every room and every closet is full and I hate to put any more stuff in the garage because of mice and moisture.
I am having a special sale for my blogger friends in my other blog so be sure and check it out...There is still time to have your item's arrive in time for Christmas. You can go to my Huggins Haven blog to check it out am also going to be selling a lot of my fabric so if anyone needs anything please email me and let me know what color or maybe a theme that you are looking for and I will see if I have it. It would take me forever to list it all. I am more anxious this year to see spring than I ever have been in my entire life.
Found another bummer LL and things are not good. I told Billy if we are going to have te replace a stove and fix a furnace and not have hook up for washing machine we might as well just go ahead and buy a place. We sold our house in 2009 and thought it would be better to retire and just rent and have someone else worry about repairs...well that is not happening.The 2 best LL there ever was have both passed away (one last Nov and one this past Jan) so I give up. I just can not believe how money hungry and won't fix things LL there are out there now.
 I have been looking at Mobile Homes and Billy says he wants to live on at least 3 acres. That is crazy..just more lawn to mow and higher taxes. Living in a trailer park (and they will allow all my dogs and let me put up a fence here in WI) will not be any different than living in a subdivision like we are now. We have a nice neighbor next door (only one I have met so far) and that is what matters to me. If you have nice neighbors it makes life a lot easier and not so lonesome. 
I finally found a Church I want to go to and they have services on Sat evenings at 5 P M. That is better for me since I wake up most mornings with back pain but is usually a lot better in late afternoon.Having lost over 30 # and not able to gain it back so I did have to get a few new items to wear to Church :)
Dogs are doing fine but I know they would love to have a fenced in area to run and play in so that is also a must this spring. Moving costs money so I will be having a lot of sales which will also cut down on TO MUCH STUFF. It is to cold now in WI to think about moving so that will also give me some time to save up
Lola and her kitty (Sassy) have adjusted well to being inside cats and I think Lola especially is thankful to have a warm house and Mom and Dad's bed or the couch to lay on
 Poor Maggie and Calli just want to go out and run in the yard..Pretty soon girls..To cold to stay out and play now...4 or 5 months and things will be better.
And don't forget to check out my Pet items blog  I will give 20% off all items for pets if you leave a comment in here and let me know what items you would like. Thanks everyone for sticking with me through all my problems and moves...Maybe I will work on a few gifts tonight that I am making and get some items boxed up to ship tomorrow or Friday.
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you think my idea of buying a Mobil Home is a good idea..Wont be moving that far...maybe 10 or 12 miles :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013


We are here and still unpacking mostly because I am going through a lot of stuff and will be listing on ebay and Craigs list. Have a lot of fabric and some craft supplies and even some things that need to be finished that I hope to get listed soon.
Starting to get cold so we are working as fast as we can with sorting stuff and finding room in garage to store stuff and have stuff near the front of garage to sell when we have someone that saw it on Craigs list and wants to see it.

I met the neighbor next door and she knows where all the grocery stores are and whan they have sales so will be tagging along with her sometimes. She also likes to shop at the Goodwill store and I have got some pretty good deals there in the past and sold items on ebay and made a few bucks.
The kitten and the Mom that we rescued from last house came with of course and they are doing great. The Mom was an inside/ outside cat at the farm country house but keeping her in here. She would be lost quick and I am afraid would get run over. She looks out the window a lot and I think she knows there are no corn fields and cows here and she doesn't try to get out much anymore. When she does go by the door and trys to sneak out I just spray her with water bottle and she hates it but it doesn't hurt her. She has gained a lot of weight which is a good thing since we could see her backbone and ribs when we found her. When they went to do the surgery to spay her they said she was about a month pregnant. Poor little cat just having litter after litter her whole life and then the kittens would die because she was pregnant agin before she could train them to hunt for food to survive. Her 1 kitten that we kept and named Sassy is growing fast and is very amusing to watch.
Now if we could get some more fence up to keep the dogs in yard so they could run and get some exersize that would be great and maybe they could loose a few pounds.
I havent taken any pics of inside of house yet but will soon when we get done unpacking and hanging pictures and stuff. Having a hard time deciding what to hang since this house is a lot smaller and not as much room as we have had in the past. I will start listing on ebay soon and will have a link on here so be sure and come back often to check it out.
This is Lola the day we came to look at house in the country
This is Lola and Sassy after they were both fixed...They are still very close and play a lot and stay close to each other :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It has been a H### of a ride for the past 2 months but hopefully nothing else will go wrong with U Haul and we will actually get to pick them up on Friday.
Billy and I will start loading them and son (Ty) and his friend (Vicki) will be here Fri evening or Sat morning to help load and drive and unload.
Is a very small house but since there are a lot of things that we don't really need or use will be a good time to just downsize and can sell a lot of things that will help complete fence for the dogs.
Here is a picture of the outside of the house....I took pictures of inside but kind of dumb to show pictures of an empty house
It will look much better when we get our Rose Bushes and other Bushes planted out in front and on side and back yard.
New LL told me about a nice Church and I will definately go and see what is all about as soon as we get partially unpacked and set up.
Sassy is growing like a little weed and was having problems with her peeing on some things all of a sudden so I called the vet to see if they could explain.
They asked me if anything different was happening in our house and I said "Yes...we are packing to move" and they said she is letting you know that she doesn't like it...Well I didn't like her doing that either. She did stop after about a week (Thank goodness)
She is so cute sometimes and Love's everyone and doesn't know that Maggie and Calli are Dog's...she even laid next to Maggie last night and was licking her ear and face

and of course she Loves her Mom (Lola) also
I know we don't need any more animals to feed but there is no way I could pull out of here in moving truck and leave them behind. I just can't be that mean.
New house is all 1 level "NO STAIRS" and that is a good thing. I hate going up and down the stairs 10 or 20 times a day and is even getting hard for the dog's to go up and down lately and Billy has to carry Annie up some times. Maybe if they can have a yard and get some exersize they will loose a little weight.
LL here is trying to keep our deposit ($900.00) so looks like he might have a fight on his hands. He NEVER wants to fix anything and is all about the money. He even refused (in writing which I have kept) to put CM detector in here and that is a LAW and I will turn him in for that and he will be fined.
Computer will go down on Sat and might be a few days before I find new provider plus will be a very busy week coming up but I will be back as soon as I can and will post more pictures as soon as possible. My I phone is messed up because I tried to update it like they said to do (and come to find out that it isn't just me that has this problem) so I am not able to do a lot of things.
Please keep us in your prayers that this will be over with by Sunday evening without any more problems. Thank you to all of you that have stuck with me through all this...I appreciate each and every one of you

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I t is official and we will be moved by the end of October just over the line in WI and since I had to pay for half of October in order to secure this house I am having a special for my Famous Celebrity Cook Book. I know some of you have purchased 1 or more because they do make nice Christmas gifts....not just for people that like to cook or bake but also for anyone would like to know what Celebrities Favorite recipes are ...or just for a One of A Kind Cook Book for anyone that likes to collect cook books.
I started publishing this cook book in 1991 with the help of my Daughter who was only 11 at the time and kept adding to it. 
When I started I did not have a computer so we went to the library and could only look in a referance book there for names and addresses and wrote (made copies) and mailed letters to over 650 Celebrities. (stamps were much cheaper then) and then in 2012  I wrote over 100 more and it is much harder now to get replies since so many Celebrities now have agents and most of them just toss mail and Celebrities never even get to see the letters.
Click on the link with the picture of the cook book on the right side bar to see what a great deal I have going now in time for Christmas. Thank you to all of you that have already purchased one or more of my cook books. 

and don't forget about your favorite fur babies and check out my new pet rescue blog with the link on the right side bar that will take you to my Pet items. I will be adding more items to my Pet blog after the craft show on Oct 12th

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still Trying and going for another ride tomorrow

Took a ride to a town about 93 miles from here and took the Dogs with and I guess we should have went on a week day. Most of the stores and businesses were closed. It was a nice town and closer to my 1 son  but when we went to other town near here (I had Dr appt) we drove around and went to a Laundromat to wash our long runner rugs that we keep on the floor in the hall way up stairs on the nasty floor that Billy has been trying to clean. It was kind of funny that when we left I was in a lot of pain and when we got to town it was about 75% better and when we got home it was like someone hit me in my neck with a brick and pain was back. Has anyone else ever had something like that happen where something stresses you out that bad?
Doctor gave me 3 new scrips..I know the one is pretty strong because it is only 2mg but he also gave me 2 other ones and 1 was for the fibro pain and then another 1 for stress. The one didn't really help at all but the one I just took so can relax mussles and sleep better is helping a little and then I will take the other one in the morning like it says. Kind of hard to remember what to take when so I am writing it down.
Billy sat in the car with the 4 dogs for an hour so we decided to just come home and go back tomorrow (only about 12 miles) and will leave the Dogs home. I feel bad leaving them home but is easier on us and them to do that sometimes.
Once again I will be putting flyers up in a lot of stores and will be going to newspaper office and even to a call in radio station..maybe that combination will help 
We decided  that even though it would be nice to be closer to son that it would cost a lot more to rent truck to move that far and since we both like the Dr we go to now that it would be better to stay close to him. It is the town we shop in even though there isn't that many stores and if we want to go to the bigger stores we can maybe just take a road trip once a month if need be.
So tomorrow will be a long and busy day but am saying prayers that we have some luck and maybe God will help us since he knows how bad we need to make this move.
Guess it is time to go give my fur babies a hug good night so they can go upstairs and go to bed with Billy while I make up some flyers and make sure I have addresses I need for places to go tomorrow.
Calli will stay right by my side until I go up to bed and "Sassy" (the new kitten will start her flying through the house and trying to lick me and smack me. I wish she would get her days and night straightened out and not sleep all afternoon and go kitty crazy at night. I guess that is part of being a kitty.
Calli waits on the couch for me sometimes
Sassy does like the toy I made for her and a rag that she decided was hers :)
Good night all...I will up date you about tomorrow and also the sale this Saturday (they are forcasting 40% chance of rain and I am praying that it goes around us)