Feed back comments from cook book sales

Email from a cook book I sold to a man in Canada and took 16 days to get there

    The cookbook arrived today!  What a nice book.  I was so excited to see the cookbook and I am really impressed with some of the stars that you were able to get recipes from.  We like potatoe salad so we will try Phyllis Diller's recipe. 

 Hi mom. The cookbooks got here and they are spectacular. Love it.
 ( I am not really his Mom but he has always called me Mom since he went to HS with Nellie :)

I just got my copy and I am enjoying reading it! 

Katherine M. Dunn
2:27 PM (35 minutes ago)
to me
Thank you, Nancy- for your kindness to think of sending us some of your proceeds from the cookbook. It will buy wormer and meds for the old goats!

I think your cookbook is lovely and as time goes on I hope you sell more and have fun with it too.

Cheers from Apifera. I'm going to do another Facebook post on it next week.

Hi Nancy I got the cookbook today. It is amazing! I have a house full of company this week, but will post about it later on. Good luck on continued sales. blessings,Kathleen