Friday, November 10, 2017

Been a while but now I am back :)

Horray I am finally back..still having health issues but found a good Dr here so things will start looking up soon
I now have a FB page to sell my bath items so be sure and take a peek  huggins artisan bath goods and start your Christmas shopping for one of a kind bath products.
I will be having a give away next week so be sure and come back and check it out...I now have some of my items in a beauty shop here in town. I Love small towns and checking out next week about 2 more places.
I am going to be selling in a craft sale this Sunday but I think it will be the last much work and to cold out to load and unload items plus a lot of work setting up at shows. I think will do o k with selling in a few shops and on FB.
I enjoy making bath items and is something I can do late at night when pain isn't as bad but can't keep making items unless I sell them (so I can buy more supplies)
I do take special orders for that OOAK item you might want and will enjoy wrapping items up for the special friends and family on your list. The pictures I am posting are just some of the many items I make and will post more pictures next week after Craft show.
We love the town we are in but house is very small for 4 dogs and 5 cats...they are family and will go where we go
Check out the pictures and let me know if you are interested in anything.
Please leave a comment if you are happy to see me back or with questions about any of my bath items
Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you come back soon
  Gingerbread sugar scrub
                                                       Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub
                                                           Another Gingerbread Sugar Scrub
                                                         A great Lavender /Vanilla  bath salt to relax your tired body and                                                                 help you sleep
                                           Sold basket I just made and she ordered another basket. I do not have                                                             anymore baskets like this but can make other ones
                                         My bath items on shelf at Beauty shop in town

That is all the pictures I have right now but will post more next week so be sure and come back
Huggins Artisan Bath Goods
Here is link to my bath page to check out     

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