Saturday, January 3, 2015


.I am not sure if the link I am using will work but just in case it doesn't then please try Crafting Friends is the link
Lynn and Dani and I have finally launched our new Group and have a lot of really neat OOAK items for everyone..Nice gifts for Birthdays or Valentines Day ..Mothers day..Fathers Day or just because.
I have been trying to start a new blog but just can't figure some things out so looks like I will have to use my Huggins Haven selling blog until I get it figured out.
I will also be offering a give away within the next week so stay tuned.
Hope everyone is having a nice week end..We did get some snow today and getting very cold but I know spring is not that far off :) ...should be getting better in about 4 months
Here are a few pictures of some of my soap I just made and will be working on some more new things soon

I have many more things and also check out Dani and lynns items in the group..Please leave a comment with questions or if interested in buying anything

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