Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hi everyone..I am sure a lot of you remember me (I used to be naughty)..This is a picture of me and my sister "Calli" she looks a lot like out Dad (and he took off on my support or anything) and I look like my Mom (the one that gave birth to me). We are going for a ride in the car with my Human Mom and Dad...That is our FAVORITE thing to do. We just Love our Human Mom and Dad soooo much. They are very good to us and our little all white sisters Bianca and Annie too.
Mom and Dad work very hard to keep us happy and always go the extra mil with putting fence up and making hand made treats 
Now my Mom and 2 of her friends have created their very own blog offering some of the OOAK things they make. It will make Mom and Dani and Lynn happy if you go check it out and leave a comment to enter their very first give away
This is what my Mom made to give away
Isn't it awesome..She also made some special Shampoo to give us a bath and will be offering it for sale soon so you can treat your Fur babies special too
Here is a link for you to go check out their give away
I hope the link works for you and just in case it doesnt she will try and put a link on the right side bar.
 This is a treat Mom bought for me and I go in the crate with it so no one else can get it :)
 This is sweet little Annie..she is the sister that has epilepsey and Mom or Dad hold her close and hug her when that happens..She is going to have a Birthday in a few days and will be 11 years old..WOW that is pretty old huh?  Calli and I are only 5 yrs old but we will have a Birthday in April..I wonder what kind of treats Mom will buy for Annies BD party and for ours in April
 This is Bianca and she was already 11 in September..She is grouchy a lot...maybe because she is getting old...She does NOT like to have her picture taken, can you tell by that look on her face
And this is sweet little (I mean big) Calli..she is sooo sweet and a good sister..she even lets me lay my head on her for a pillow LOL
I guess thats all I have to report to you this time..I will try and come back soon with more good news (Maybe show treats we got at Annies party :)


papel1 said...

Your dogs are so sweet. My name is Joey and Judy is my human mom. I am a girl and spoiled rotten. Today I had Judy put me in the car and go shopping with her. I have enough treats so she did not buy any more. I hope Judy wins that giveaway.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, you are very lucky fur babies to be loved so much. Loved all the pictures, Hugs Francine.

Faye Henry said...

Very nice.. You are all so cute.. xo

Nanna said...

what a sweet blog, thanks for stopping by Nannas Place

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Nancy! Very nice page and lots of Fun to check out! <3