Thursday, January 1, 2015


I went on here a few days ago to post in here and had the pictures still on my phone... so I tried to email them to myself and after 2 hours of waiting I gave up and figured I would have to take them again with my camera and went to bed...when I got up next morning they were there but I think that is to long so have been taking more with my camera...when I take them with my camera they upload to Picassa and then I have to email to myself and then put in my album...Finally got it done so here I am trying to post again.
The new news is that Dani and Lynn and I have decided to be a trio for listing our hand made items and Lynn has started a new group for us on FB and it will be launched Saturday...then I decided to make my other blog (Huggins Haven) into a trio selling blog...Good idea huh? There are people that will see us on FB that don't look at my blog and also people that look at my blog that won't see us on FB.
We have all been very busy making new items plus I am doing a BIG mark down on items I still have just sitting here taking up room.
The pictures I am showing here is just a sneak peek as to what I have been working on but they aren't ready yet to sell ( They will look a lot better when finished).....I have gone back to making soap and bath salts and other bath items because it is something I enjoy doing and people that have used them were pleased also...Just take a look at these items and come back the first of the week to see them finished..We are working on some cool Valentines Day items are some items to feast your eyes on for now   ( yes this is bars of hand made soap and you can select the scent from selection I will be offering AND can put a picture of your choice on the soap..nice display item in your bath room and of course you can even use it) :)

                                                           This is a big OPPS

Sorry about the picture with dogs on floor..Was accident but can't delete it :)
I will also be selling a lot of other nice items like sachets and other things and have a variety of scents for everything
I did get some nice  gift cards and cash for Christmas and had fun spending it stocking up on supplies ...but if I don't sell a lot I guess everyone will be getting bath items for Christmas this year :).
Dani and Lynn will also have some awesome items they have been working on so be sure and check back in a few days
OH..we will also be having a give away and you won't want to miss out on that.
I did ship a ton of things to Lynn for Craft show by her last month and of course only sold a few things so will be listing it also.
Hope everyone has a great 2015 ... I am positive we will all have a great year and all our wishes will come true
I do love getting comments so please feel free to leave one and if you have any suggestions for items you would like let us know
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon
This is what happens when you soak in the tub with my bath salts

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papel1 said...

Hi name is Joey and Judy is my human mom. I keep her busy as I want to go in the car too and take a walk after she shops. She spoils me. I watch as she crafts and sews. I am a girl dog with 4 cats as brothers and sisters. I enjoyed your blog.