Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi everyone..I think it is my turn to say something I am the oldest Fur baby in this house..I was 11 last September and I also think I am the best Looking..what do you think..Here are just a few more pictures of me so you will see what I mean
 This is me and my younger Sister Annie enjoying the weather in 2004 in Belvidere IL
 This is me with my chew in 2010 laying on the couch..It sure was good and I wasn't about to share
 This is me and Annie and I am on the right and I think I am cuter
 This is me and Annie snuggling a few years ago but we don't do that much anymore....I think maybe I am just getting to old...Did I tell you I was 11 last September :)

 Here I am enjoying the view and Maggie (my big black sister) is always hogging the couch

 I like the way Mom had someone do some special effects and put us in that relly cool cabin...I wish we really had that Cabin and Mom and Dad would like it too

 Opps..I pulled the cover half way off the couch but ...that's 
O K...Mom will fix it when she sees it and I will let her think Annie did it (Annie is spoiled more than me ha ha)

 I do NOT like having a bath but like it when Dad rubs me all over with the towel (He uses 3 or 4 towels to dry me)..mom gives us the bath and Dad drys us so I stay mad at her for a few hours but not him

 Then I just get to relax and wait for someone to bring me a treat (I like the ones Mom makes home made the best)

 This is not my bed but I can lay on it whenever I want and I wish they would put a pillow under my head too. Not real comfortable like this

 Just trying to look cute so Mom will just get done taking pictures and leave me alone for a while
 Just like the 3 bears...I think this bed is tooooo small ( I think it belongs to the cats anyhow)

 But laying on Mom and Dads bed is very comfortable

This just looked like a comfortable place to lay and it is the top of the crate and was a job getting up there
Well.....I guess that's enough about me for this time so will tell you all what else is going on...when we met the Landlord here we didn't like him and we tried to tell Mom and Dad but they ignored me...well now they are finding out why we didn't like him. He sent a letter to Mom and Dad a few days ago that he is changing the lease..yep raising the rent and he has listed the house for sale. It is pretty cold and nasty this time of year here in WI but he thinks he can just do that and then if someone wants this house he says we have to move out in 30 days. It is to cold to drive around looking at other houses let alone loading a truck and moving. I am sure Mom and Dad will fight with him over this and make sure we have a better house to go to..NONE of us liked it here and this Landlord is really a slumlord. Boy...I could tell you lots of stories about him but will save that for another day.
Mom and Dad worry about us 4 fur babies all the time and they hate it when he says he needs to come and fix something and he never fixes it...he just trashes stuff and leaves. We will all be glad to get out of this place.
The give away Mom and Dani and lynn had is over but they are excited and planning now for one in February so be sure and come back for more information about that.
Well I guess I better sign off for this time (Mom just told me she is getting tired of typing all this and she wants to go to bed) Maybe if I hurry I can beat her to the bed and hog her pillow..Night Night everyone


papel1 said...

Nancy you are such a creative writer. Oops I know you were just taking dictation from your dog. How about the cats telling us their stories?

nancy huggins said...

Oh..They are in line waiting their turn and howling but have 1 more dog to go..Annie is anxiousely waiting her turn :)