Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hi everyone..Maggie trys to get all the attention but I have something to say now...First of all would like to remind everyone to hurry up and enter the give away that Mom and Dani and Lynn are having...they are each giving away 1 awesome item they have made with their own hands and remember that if you don't win you can still visit there Etsy shops and buy something and really reasonable prices too.
Mom is making us some special shampoo and I Hate getting a bath but might not be so bad with the new shampoo. She said we need our nails trimmed too and I do not like that either...she said I am like a bull that is getting branded and I won't just lay there and be a good girl...I just do not like them touching my feet but they can rub my belly if they want.
I sure will be glad when all the snow (and mud) is gone so we can go out and sit on the swing with Mom and Dad..I can spend 2 hours looking up watching for squirrels (that is what Mom says but I think it is only 1 hour)...isn't that a cool picture of me on the swing with Mom and Dad looking for squirrels...they aggrivate me a lot and Mom hopes I never catch one...she said it could hurt me a lot.
I guess we were pretty upset when Dad left in a red car with my human brother Mark..we love Mark but we were not happy that he took Dad away for 24 HOURS. We wouldn't behave and kept opening the LR curtains and barking out the window. When Dad left there was 2 bowls of food on rug but we did not eat even 1 little piece (and everyone knows that fat little Maggie will woof all the food when she gets a chance) but when Dad walked in the door and we knew he was back home all 4 of us ran and ate and emptied the bowls and jumped up on Dad and Mark to let him know we were happy he was home 
Dad went for regular check up this morning and was good news. The Dr took him off of one of his meds for Chlesterol because it was good and it is because Mom made him go back on the Shaklee suppliments..She said it doesn't matter how much they cost because they are safe and all natural and not a Drug...so now everyone is happy here and I sure hope Dad doesn't leave again (or Mom) unless we get to go with
See how happy we are when we get to ride in the car..Our little white sisters are laying down sleeping but we like to see where we are going and look at the scenery...till next time..hope everyone is staying warm and looking forward to spring like we are.

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