Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's ME Annie and I am SPECIAL

Hi Everyon.....It is ME...Sweet Little Annie and I am SPECIAL (I know cause Mom says it a lot)...Now that all my sisters are done bragging about themselves I thought I would update you all about what is going on at "The Huggins Household
Here is a picture of me so you can see how sweet and special 

Mom has been busy making her own hand made soap and she figured out a way to put photos on top of the soap....she even made a cute bar with me and Bianca plus a lot of photo soap for other are some pictures of them

Wow..Thats a lot and she has more but told me that is enough for now..She can make you some really cool soap and even put a picture of your Dog or a loved one if you want her too...She is even going to be making some for a baby shower and will put photos on that too. A lot of people Love her gardening soap and also the orange soap to wash your hands when they smell from onions or other smelly things..Look at the cool soap she is making to hang outside to use whan you work in the garden

AND  the best part is...she donates part of ALL her sales to an animal in need of help with meds and other things
OH..she keeps telling me I said enough for now and she wants to go lay on the bed and watch T V...I bet I can beat her in there LOL..But she said she would post just 2 more photos for me so please leave a comment on here and let her know how much you liked my post (and ya..I am the fur baby that has seizures but no big deal cause Mom and Dad take good care of me ...and my sisters)
..Night everyone..Till next time..this is Annie signing off and now I am going to run and get in bed and lay right where Mom is supposed to lay but like I said..I AM SPECIAL


Lynn S. said...

I loved the Annie blog! Of course, I know firsthand how awesome your soap is.

papel1 said...

Well Annie your Mom's soap is wonderful. I have this soap holder made out of tulle net, and you put the soap inside. I put your Mom's inside and when i was in the tub it lathered up so nicely. Sort of a washcloth. Thanks for writing Annie, you are special.

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good pictures
i really liked haha