Thursday, December 4, 2014


I know...I have been naughty about posting but hard for me lately to think of things to post about so hope I don't bore you with this post about some of my Fur Babies that have been nice.
Sassy has been very good and got up by the Christmas tree and I just told her no in soft tone and she got down and didn't bother it again
We went to Good Will and just bought a small tree so she wouldn't be tempted and I put it inside a box so wouldn't get knocked over plus you can't see the trunk this way
Anndarie likes to get up on end tables but never knocks anything over...She will be 12 years old this coming April
Pickles and Anndarie are full blooded sisters but Pickles can be mean sometimes and picks on Lucky a lot
Lucky was Nellies cat that was left with us to Foster for a while but her and Billy got attached to each other so she is now a member of the family here. The cat tree is one of the few places that she feels safe for some reason (or in Billys lap LOL)
Lola is a VERY good kitty and the sweetest kitty ever. I am sure a lot of you have read the story about rescuing her from a very bad life (and her kittens) and she is a very happy kitty now and feels safe and loved and makes me happy every time I look at her (when you can find her) and I know she has a better life now. One of her many places she loves is in the guest room or in the guest room closet and if you want to be a guest in our house you might have company and it is true...whatever Lola wants....Lola gets" if at all possible
And who could not Love sweet little Annie..She has seizures so takes a little special care but is worth every bit of it. She will be 11 in Jan
And then there is Bianca and she likes to be left alone but also likes to bark at the cats and has done so for 11 years now. She is upset with me in this picture and doesn't like having her picture taken
And then there is Maggie who's favorite place to hang out is on our bed. Maggie was VERY naughty for the first 10 months of her life and trashed everything you can name..when we moved back up North from AL she just stopped and vet said it was because she didn't like it there ...sure am happy that she liked it up North :)..I had one friend that used to say "You have 3 dog's and Maggie" and she was right
And last but not least there is Calli who is a real sweetheart and sticks to me like velcro...Her and Maggie are full blooded sisters and the Mother was Lab and Father was a German Shepard and I guess you can tell who looks like the Mother and who looks like the Father
OK..Guess I am done boring everyone now and I hope to come back very soon and update all of you with what else is going on in our house...See ya all soon

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, enjoyed the post, not boring at all. Such sweet fur baby's, life would be so boring without them. Love the little tree, so pretty. Blessings Francine.