Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Sorry it has been so long..Trying harder now

As a lot of you may already know we have had to move 4 times since March of 2013 and it has taken a toll on us. I know God only gives you what you can handle but I truly hope he is done testing us. If we were still in our 30's would not be so bad but at 73 it is not so easy. I don't want to boar anyone with all the details but wanted to let all of you know thet we are still not in our forever home and now we will have to start saving up to hire movers. The best deal I found was $160.00 an hour and they say it takes 3 men about an hour a room. Therefor I will be putting a lot more in some rooms and some may be empty. I will be once again packing and I know I pack good and do not really want to pay someone to do something I can do myself.  In order to do this we will have to downsize a lot of STUFF that we really don't need and sandbagging some $ for 9 or 10 months but I know we can do it. I will be listing a lot of my hand made crafts and other items in one of my other blogs plus a lot of other nice items and am having a special for my cook book until the end of August and the supply is limited so get yours while supplies last. I will send to other countries but can not offer free shipping..sorry
If anyone can find a BAD Landlord it is us..We even signed a contract for rent for a year and then buy the house we are living in now but that will no longer happen.
We just want to find a place to live where we can be happy and take care of our rescue pets.
With that being said and now that we may be able to start taking better care of our health we are actually looking forward to May or June of 2015 being the beginning of a better life.
I have fibro and husband has had mini strokes and also have a few problems with health of our pets.
We have discovered pure oils from YL oils and have had amazing results
This is our sweet little Eskie and she will be 11 in Jan 2015...she has been having seizures since she was 3 and we have tried a lot of things and the phenobarbital price went up to 42.00 a month and didn't help her..Just made her gain weight and very groggy...not a happy life. I am now putting just a drop of oil from YL oils on top of her head every morning and NO MORE seizures and she is a happy pup.
Our other dogs get over excited and Calli even gets very scared when it storms. I now put 2 oils on each of them (just a drop of each) and for the first time ever they are calm when it storms or when there are firecrackers going off or a lot of noise (including cop cars) at close neighbors
 I got my nail caught in a heat floor register and almost ripped it off.It hurt really bad but Mom came to my rescue with one of her oils and I went to limping on 3 legs to running on all 4 in just 4 days..Thanks Mom
 I am afraid of the dark and storms and Mom just pet me with some oil she had on her hands and sure made me relax and feel a lot better...Thanks Mom

I am the big protector and can get a little crazy at times but Mom rubbed me with her hands with the same thing she rubbed on Calli and it calmed me down and made me relax..I love Dad paying attention to me and sharing his glasses..If I was still 10 months old I would have chewed them to pieces LOL...To bad you didn't have some of that oil back then huh Mom..That oil stuff is amazing

My sweet girls depend on us so we will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy....the challenge has begun AGAIN
Be sure and check out my cook book special by clicking on the picture of the cook book on the right side bar...you will not be sorry when you see what all is inside and it makes a great gift for friend or family too 
( it is not to early to start your Christmas shopping ) just a little over 4 months and if you wait you will get caught up in the rat race. Thank you to everyone that has stuck by me this past year of nothing but problems. Keep checking back for other items that you might just love and need coming soon. I will be having a garage sale and will be listing some goodies with great prices for all my Blogger friends..see you again soon :)


Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Nancy - oh my I can not imagine moving that many times in such a short time.
I really wouldn't mind moving now but we are at that age too when everything takes a bit longer to do and I mean hours in the day and sometime going over into the next day to see the results. But we get it done.
I send prayers to you and your husband - and to those little fur babies you have. I may just have to check into this YL oil you mention. Not sure what it is though.

nancy huggins said...

If you or anyone would like any info at all just send me an email and I can send you info back through an email..They are wonderful and so happy to have found them...they are lifesavers and I mean that literaly
Also..I found your comment in my spam box so guess I will have to come to my blog and look for comments and not trust them to come to my email