Saturday, October 18, 2014


I know..I have been bad for not posting sooner. Blogging used to be my favorite thing to do...and then my world kind of came crashing down.It is a LONG story and I don't want to write more doom and gloom for all my blogger friends to read..Enough of thet everywhere else including Facebook
So let me just start a new Chapter in my life.
I have been putting off getting a perm for over a year..Wasn't sure if I would like it and I finally decided that anything would be better than what it was. Still not sure how much I like you know, it does strip your hair and you have a yucky color until you are able to buy the color and then color your hair. I will go and get some color and try it on Monday and see if I like the way it looks and of course I have to style it myself but if I still don't like it I can go Tuesday and get it trimmed (Special on Tuesday)
I also finally got really serious about quitting smoking..Different approach this time so I will let you know how that goes when I am finally a NON SMOKER.
And then of course we will be moving again this coming spring...YEP just keep getting slumlords. Like I said..No doom and gloom so won't go into that now.
I have been selling a lot of S T U F F on Craigs List and trying to down size. Have sold quite a bit but still don't notice a big difference.
I decided to try selling some of my overstock fabric on a web site I found and was doing great...then the admin started telling me I needed to follow the rules..Well maybe if they made the rules easier for people that aren't computer wizzards it wouldn't have been so bad. I was very frustrated with it ...(especially since my stuff was selling so I decided I would just start my own group to sell that stuff PLUS hand made OOAK items and I invited friends. It is a lot easier for everyone to list but now we have to figure out a way to advertize..Here it is for you to check out          
Please check it out when you have a chance and would appreciat it if you could help spread the word and maybe mention some of the things you like about it. Check back often as we will be having some give aways..some special sales and some other surprizes.
Guess it is just about time for me to go and soak in the tub for a bit but before I leave I would like to share a few pictures
This is one of the many Dog beds I have for sale..The Dog (my Calli) is not for sale...She is a keeper :)
Nice set for your new kitty or gift for a friend with a new kitty (or an old kitty that is Loved a lot)
There is MANY more items of mine and also Dani and Lynn's so go check them out :)

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