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Hi everyone..Maggie Mae here to update all you great friends of my Mom's. She has been under the weather a lot lately and I noticed where she hasn't posted in a while. 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back because I have a lot to say. Like I said..Mom has been down in the dumps for a while. The house we live in now has to many problems to try and list and as all of you know the last house also had many issues and this is now 2 slumlords in a row. We had a really nice LL when we lived in Mode and he died and Mom and dad decided to move back up North were they could find a good Dr. The LL there son took over and when Mom told him they were moving he came to the back door and started yelling and swearing at her and tried to slam the door in to her face. Of course she called 911 and they came and told him to stay away from us. 
Not many options so they decided to go to motel where one of my 2 legged brothers was a maintance man. He told her it was a nice and safe Motel..well guess wasn't and we were stuck there for 2 1/2 months with 4 of us dogs and 3 kitties.That is why she got desperate and moved to the house in the country.
The LL (slumlord) in the country kept $600.00 of Mom and Dad's deposit and now things are pretty tight. While we were ther though Mom and Dad did rescue a Mom and her babies kitties.
 This is who greeted us when we went to look at house in the country..doesn't she look pathetic and lonely
 This is the kittens that are in a crate that Mom and Dad borrowed on our back closed in porch after they were trapped
 This is Lola befor they were all caught outside feeding her sweet little babies
 This is my Dad taming the kittens (that he was told was impossible because they were faral kittens) But he did it and they all loved him
 This is Lola and Sassy laying by me on Mom and Dad's bed..I Love them and they love me
 Here is Lola and Sassy playing with a piece of fabric that Mom gave to them..They have so much fun together and I am glad that Mom and Dad decided to keep them

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          this is how skinny Lola was when we first rescued her..She sure is a lot bigger now and has made herself at home and even steals the comfy beds that Mom made for me and Calli
Now Mom and Dad are looking for a new and forever home for all of us and Mom told me she would make sure that there is a nice yard for us to run and get some exersize and also a 2 car garage for Dad.
 Moms friend found a vet to take the other kitties and they were all spayed and had their shots and so did Lola and Sassy. The vet that spayed them said they never saw a cat as friendly as Lola. When they started to spay Lola they found out she was pregnant again and that is so sad because she wasn't finished nursing her babies. The neighbors told Mom that she just had litter after litter and they would die and it made om angry that even though people knew they never did anything to help her.

Was kind of funny because Dad made a screen to put in the window on the porch and Lola knocked it out and went out in field and came back through same window with a dead and very Mutilated bird and dropped it on the floor for Mom and Dad. Mom was nasty looking and dad took it out and got rid of it. Then Mom realized that Lola was trying to thank them for rescuing them
Now Mom calls Lola and Sassy her $600.00 cats and does believe that it was meant to be that they live in that disgusting house so they could save lola and her kittens.
Mom is planning to have a Garage sale next week and she is also listing things on ebay and Craigs list to save up so we can find a better place to live.
A lot of LL don't allow pets and think that Dogs will do bad things to their house but Mom says it isn't the dogs that are bad and it is the owners that don't train their dogs and a lot of people trash rentals that don't even have pets.
Mom and Dad are having a hard time finding a caring LL that like Dogs and she would NEVER dump any of us just because someone does not like dogs.
Mom even has a sign that says "If you don't like Dog's then we don't like you. :)
Mom is on meds for pain and for depression and the Dr told her that she would have a lot less pain if she wasn't so stressed out (and can get out of this house).
So far the furnace has quit twice..LL never hooked up the washng machine like he promised and they have to haul laundry to laundromat and so far they have spent over $133.00 just to wash clothes. The only reason the  dryer got hooked up is because slumlord sent electrician here to give him estimate to run 220 out to porch but the electrician just went ahead and hooked it up..slumlord was really mad but if he didn't just go ahead and do it they wouldn't have a dryer either.
Hot water heater leaks and he was told about it in Oct before we moved in.
Gas stove had a leak and they had to find another one,,,he would not replace it
Also have storm windows and screens electric outlet in bathroom and not even a towel bar or toilet paper holder.

closed in back porch leaks when it rains and there is no way to lock the storm door that goes outside. Anyone that wants to come in can just come in and we have a freezer out there full of food (and the meat ball treats Mom makes for us)
One day when Mom and Dad came home from the store there was flyer from Jehovah,s Witness which means they just came right in. There is a door that can be locked going into the kitchen and if someone comes in and then knocks on kitchen door (and they went to store and we stayed home) it can make my little white sister dog "Annie" have a seizure and that could kill her. 
I would like it of all of you would keep all of us in your paryers that we find a nice and safe place to live. Mom and Dad are 72 and 73 years old and this is all very hard on them. Mom has mentioned that she should write a book about all of this but I don't think she will.
She has a sale going now for her cook book (link on right side bar) and all money from anything she sells will help take care of all of us and also a better place to live..She wants to be out of here by July 1st.
Hey...thanks everyone for reading all of this..I sure am long winded and now I think I will go curl up on Mom and Dad's bed and take a nap

Just a few of Mom's favorites


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As a animal lover, I enjoy reading your post, Francine.

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Thank you Francine..Yes I am an animal lover too :)