Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I know it has taken me a while to post again but having problems with blogger so will try again now
All the fur babies as well as us are counting the days until summer..(not counting on have a great spring...might just be a wet and cold one but I hope not)
Won't be much longer girls and you can go out and get some fresh air and then when the weather gets a LITTLE better Mom and Dad will look for a home with nice yard with a fence. That is at the top of our to do list, furbabies are very alert and we know what is going on...We hear Mom and Dad talking about what size house to buy and Mom is looking a lot on the internet just to see what is available here and we do like WI a lot
Mom made 2 nice big beds for me (Maggie) and my sister Calli and Bianca took it over so now she has to make another one but I don't think she cares since there isn't much else to do in weather like this.
Mom keeps her batting and stuffing in a huge plastic bag and when she needed some for a pillow she was making this is what she saw when she went to pick it up off the floor ..isn't that the sweetest face ever 
and now Lola and Sassy are taking a spot on Moms bed..Mom said she is glad she rescued them though or they would have froze and starved to death where they were.
We are all counting the days until Mom and Dad find us our FOREVER home


Chris said...

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TheRustyThimble said...

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Cheryl said...

I think those cats already have a forever *wink*