Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time for an update I guess

                                  1 more goal accomplished
Now on to the next goal and that is finding a better place for us and the fur babies to live. Having major problems here with LL and with Billys health issues. We need to live closer to Doctors we are now going to and grocery stores and maybe a few caring neighbors in case I need help. And most of all close to a Church that I can get to even in the winter and maybe even find a few friends there too.
I am (with the help of a friend "Annie"  building a special blog to be able to help reach some more of my goals. I will post a link when it is up and working for all of you to visit.
I do have some special friends but they are all on the west coast and I am in the midwest. I appreciate their friendship and caring and wish I could live closer to them but that is not on my list of goals to move that far.
Just praying that we can find a home with a garage for Billy (and of course for the car and yard stuff) and a fence for the girls and a house that is just 1 level so I don't have to make so many trips up and down stairs.
I have been praying every night for things I need and most of my prayers have been answered. Found a home for kittens and as you can see Lola and her kitten Sassy (that has bonded with Billy) are here to stay and they both seem very happy. Lola had her own way of thanking me a few days ago when she pushed a screen out on closed in porch and went out the window...went and killed a bird (kind of mutilated it) and then came back in the same window with the bird and dropped it for us as a thank you gift. I am noticing a lot of things she does that tells me what her life was like before we moved in.
Fire dept was here to check and make sure we didn't have CM leak (since LL refused to purchase a decetor even though it is a state law) and Lola followed them down in the basement and when we noticed she was missing Billy went down and looked for her and found her sleeping on a shelf. That is where LL put her so she could kill mice last winter when he was here staying in the house..and NO he didn't give her much to eat to make sure she would kill mice..nor did he put a litter box out for her. I guess you heard enough about him to get my point. As much as I wasn't planning to move again I now look in every cupboare or closet every time I open them and think about how long it would take me to pack it.
I will just keep praying to get out of here and that I get good news this week when I talk to a couple of realtors in town we would like to move to. I can do it one more time if we find a home that we can stay in and hopefully by end of Oct before weather gets bad.
I will post a update as soon as I know. And now I think I will go and lay on the couch and relax Maggie style


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Praying you'll find the perfect place for you, Billy and your fur babies! You deserve it after all you've been through! ~~Annie

Dog Trot Farm said...

Wow!!!you certainly have been through a lot...Hoping things begin to look up for you and Billy, thinking of you. Julie

Primitive Stars said...

Hi, sending prayers all works out for you my dear.....Sweet picture, Francine.