Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I Know it has been a while since I posted and I just kept putting it off because not sure how to word it all.... but here goes anyhow
A lot has happened since my last post..some of it is good and some not so good
First of all we were able to trap all the kittens and Lola (that is what my daughter named the Mommy cat) has been spayed and will have her stitches out tomorrow or Thursday. She was nothing but a bag of bones and you could see her ribs when we took her to the vet. She was still letting her kittens nurse off her and she didn't even have any milk so the kittens would have starved too...and found out when they did the surgery that she was pregnant again.
Here she is resting when we got home from Vet. They said they have never seen such a friendly sweet cat like her and just wanted attention and to be cared for...Well she got that.She not only won a spot in my heart but I think she craweled right in Billys
She still goes out on the porch where we have her kittens and looks at them and then decides they are O K and she goes back in the house.
Billy had food for her out on our closed in back porch and she came in one day and walked over and looked at the food and then went back outside and 5 or 10 minutes later she was back with 4 kittens following her. She brought them back for something to eat....Such a good Mommy..Then 1 day her and 3 of the kittens disappeared and we caught the one and put her in the crate and she howled for days. Billy couldn't find Lola and the other 3 kittens until he took Maggie out one morning and she kept pulling him towards the 1 shed and sure enough...there they were so the traps were set again and we managed to catch the kittens and Lola just followed along. The kittens have been living on the porch now in a crate for over 2 weeks waiting for them to get big enough to get spayed and Billy has them pretty much tamed and lets them out to run and play a lot
and of course they get petted and maybe even hugged. They all know him and let him pick them up and they like it when he plays with them with a string.  They keep him pretty busy and I do think this is a good thing since I have been saying for almost a year that something was wrong and Billy just wasn't acting like he usually did. Well after months of Doctors ignoring me I finally found 1 to do an M R I and of course I was right...He has had several mini strokes and is affecting his short term memory. There are a lot of things he can still do and a lot of things he can't do. I do write a lot of things down and that makes some things easier but then there days when nothing goes right and constant arguing. He just isn't the same and I am doing the best I can and some days that just isn't enough.
The last Doctor before this one took blood tests and called me and told me everything was fine..WRONG..they were supposed to also test him for Lymes disease and found out they didn't..Well..he is also on meds now for that.
As a lot of you know we ended up living in a Motel for 2 1/2 months and it was not good. I could write a book about living there. We both lost a lot of weight and I went from a sz 14 to a size 9 and am not happy about that. There was a lot of stress related to living there and our 4 dogs were even in a deep depression.
We found this house with the help of a friend and when we came here to look at it I was very hesitant because of the condition but then when we drove back to the Motel and there was a cop car and ambulance in the parking lot we said..we have no choice and Billy assured me he could clean it up and make it liveable 
The yard had weeds up to the top of my legs
 This is how it looked in front of the deck when we moved in
 This is the side yard where we go out to hang laundry and this is after he had someone come in and cut it with a bush hog  not a very good job I don't think
This is how it was on the left side of the deck..The whole yard was nothing but high weeds and full of trash everywhere
 This is how it was 2 weeks ago and is much better now. Billy has done everything with a gas push mower everywhere and has found Rocks..A swing..Shoes..cell phones and multiple other things
This is how far we got on the area on the right side of the porch
This area was also full of weeds and some garbage cans and this is what it was like when he cleaned it out
This is just a small idea of what the outside was like and the inside was just as disgusting. There was even feeces inside the house from where LL let Lola come in at night when he was here working on the house without a litter box. And to top it all off we had to pay a $600.00 security deposit and a $300.00 pet deposit.
This poor little cat has been living here for over 3 years and making it on her own and having litter after litter of kittens. How could anyone just pack up and move on and leave her behind is beyond me. It won't happen again.
Needless to say this is just a house that we have put a lot of work into but is not what we call home. We are stuck here for a while but I am just very worried living this far from town and neighbors in case Billy gets worse.
For now our next goal is to have the kittens fixed and find new homes since Billy is getting very attached. And as far as Lola goes...there is no way I could load up a moving truck and move out of here and leave her behind.
I am trying to sell my cook books now to have the money needed to take care of Lola's kittens and I do have some pet beds for sale also in my selling blog
Go check them out..They make nice One of a kind Christmas Gifts
We had a yard sale this past week end but still not enough to pay the vet
Sales from my cook book and other items will all go towards taking care of kittens and maybe have enough to stock up on some cat food since the kittens will be staying here after they get spayed until stitches are out.
If you don't choose to purchase anything but would like to help all donations will be appreciated..even if only $ all adds up
The newspaper here did take an intrest and wrote an article and am hoping that will help also..Here is a picture of the news article even though you may not be able to read it

Thanks to everyone for your support and please keep Billy in your prayers and I have high hopes that somehow this problem can be turned around:)
Our lease is up the end of May and hoping to find a place closer to town and our Doctors and stores by then


Primitive Stars said...

Bless your heart, wonderful lady for helping the kitties, warms the heart, Hugs Francine.

JoAnn @ SweetPepperRose said...

Prayers to you and your husband. that's a lot of work on the house but better than a motel. I can understand the frustration with drs.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, you have been through so much! I've known you for a while now, and the stress you've been through sounds like it has taken it's toll on both of you. You've done wonders with the house and yard. And the kitties???? I know what you are going through, believe me. My sister and I have cried over so many drop-offs, strays, and starving cats and kittens. Your mamma cat seems like a real gem! So glad you have given her the love she so deserves. You have a big heart, Nancy!