Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Have A New Blog (Long Post)

I am requesting help from all my Blogger Friends now. It is a very long story and I don't want to bore all of you so I will just say it like it is.
My friend Annie (and I am sure she may be a friend to a lot of you also). She makes the most wonderful things to sell and if you have never been to her web site then you should go and check her out.
I emailed Annie last week and she sent a reply right away...even though she was on a mini vacation. I asked her to help me make a new blog so I could continue with my efforts to help Shelter Dogs maybe have a little more food or go to the vet for shots. I for one have learned how expensive it can be to take care of pets after you rescue them. Seems like there is always some expense you didn't prepare for and even harder if you loose your job or on a fixed income.
It has always been my goal to do the best for my pets and help others along the way. I still remember the campaigns I had going to help the pets that were in the Hurricane "Katrina" Just watching the news broke my heart and I was able to help them..I am not wealthy but they were very thankful for just the $175.00 I was able to send them (and that was before I had a computer and had to go to the library and use theres).
 O K..enough of the soap box story...What I need now is help promoting my new blog and selling the items that I make to sell for Dog's and Cats. A portion of each sale goes to help other pets and the same amount from each sale goes for food and vet bills for my Dogs and Cats.
Then a portion is used for the supplies to make the things I sell (including the printer that prints the pages for my cook book that I also sell to help pets) I do all the rest of putting the cook book together. (I actually started the cook book with my 11 year old Daughter in 1991)
I have received many Thank You Letters from people thanking me for my donation no matter how big or small.
When we moved in the house we are in now there was a sweet cat that kept trying to come in the house and I really did not want another cat (I already had 3 that I rescued) so we started feeding her. Then one day when we looked outside we saw kittens so we left the door open on a closed in porch and put food and water out there and low and behold she went out and came back with 4 kittens. It was really pretty sad to see how skinny (but very clean) she was so I decided to get traps from Humane society and it took a while but was able to trap them and bring them in and help Mama cat take care of them. We took the Mama when we were sure she was no longer nursing them to vet to be spayed. When I went to pick her up they informed me that when spaying her they saw where she was pregnant again. That just isn't right to let any animal have litter after litter and have to figure out how to feed them on her own.
Here are just a few pictures of her and her kittens to share with you
                                      This is the first one we caught and she was not happy..Her Mother took off with the other 3 but with the help of our Lab "Maggie" Billy was able to find the other 3 and then we started feeding them and he was working on taming them so we could find homes for them
 This is the first one we caught (which we ended up keeping) before we caught her and she came in the yard looking for food

This is the Mother kitty eating outside but would always move away and let her kittens eat first ...We also let her stay here and named her "Lola
Here is Lola and the one kitten (named her "Sassy"we kept and they are both very happy to be with each other
Now maybe you ask why did we keep a kitten when we already had 3??? Well the reason is because my Husband spent many hours taming and playing with all the kittens and since I finally found a Dr to do a brain scan (MRI) and they saw where he has had a few mini strokes and it has affected his short term memory and he got very close to them
For some reason they would respond to him but would not come close to me
 He is also very good to our 4 Dogs and takes them out and puts them on a chain (The 2 Big ones that is) and since they don't want to be out alone and have broke the chain 3 times he stays out there with them (We do not have a fence for them here)
I give all 4 Dog's a bath and is his job to dry them :)
We have now found the perfect place for the other kittens at a friend's Vet...He took them and will spay them and have them in crate in his office and adopt them out to good homes.
Because of Billy's issue and not knowing any neighbors (there are only 2 where we are and they are O K but not someone I could count on for help if needed)....therefore we are looking for a new home that is better suited for us and the fur babies closer to our Doctors..stores..Church and maybe some caring neighbors. The LL here will NOT fix anything and I could write a book about issues with this house...He even refused to buy a CM detector even though it is a law to have them in all rentals.
I pray everynight when I go to bed that we can find our forever home and soon.
So if all of you that read this could put a link and to my new blog (be sure and check it out) 
and maybe say a prayer that we are able to reach our goal and some of the proceeds from the money for my pets will go to find a better place to live
A Big thank you to Annie for all her help..I could not have had my new blog without her help. I will be adding more items to my new blog as soon as I can get the meds to clear up the bladder infection I am now dealing with
Go visit Annie too..You will love her items

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