Thursday, September 19, 2013


                       We won't leave you and Sassy behind Lola

I have not been able to sit at computer for more than a few minutes and kept putting off posting in here because I am not sure what to tell you guys. Things are not going to good right now and I have been in a lot of pain..Doctor said pain pills will help some for the fibro but not for stress..Get rid of the stress and get rid of the pain.
As some of you know we have had many problems since moving in this house in June...Yep..another bummer place we ended up in. I could go on and ond on and it would be like a novel. My main concern is Billy having another stroke and LL in our living room yellin at me could make his BP go up and have stroke. He wont fix ANYTHING and refuses to buy a CM detector even though it is the law.
He just pulls in whenever he feels like it and today his reason was to replace a rotton piece of trim on the rotten roof on enclosed porch. Have been asking since end of May to have leak in roof on it fixed. Well when he was here it started to rain so of course he told Billy he couldn't caulk because of rain and he left after our yelling fight and me telling him to GO at least 5 times. Needless to say we had to put pans out there to catch the rain
Then after I asked him to leave me alone and that I was in a lot of pain and he said pain shouldn't be bad enough for me to not be able to come outside and talk to him. He keeps insisting that I pay him over $500.00 for propane he put in takk and the propane that was left in there. Charged us $300.00 pet deposit for a house that was full of feeces and Billy scrubbed everything with bleach
                                       Inside pantry
This is just a few of many that Billy scrubbed with bleach
and then his word of saying he would take care of the weeds that were supposed to be a lawn never happened
 House when we came here that we were told would be cleaned up and mowed
 Billy had to dig this out with a shovel
 Sidewalk going to side door
 Part of yard on right side of side walk after Billy mowed it several times. Had to do it over and over with raising the mower and lowering it each time
 Another part of sidewalk going to deck
 We were told we could use this building but couldn't even get the doors open until Billy chopped these weeds with a hand held weed wacker
 He had a farmer come in with tractor to bush hog it  not a very good job and said he would send landscaper....  2 kids came in a pick up with riding mower and said no is to high
 we saw this when we came to look at house but they said would be taken care of
 Left side of deck after Billy had it half cleaned out
This was our greeter and she was very happy to see us since everyone else went off and left her..even LL and she was fed almost nothing and had a litter of 4 kittens   How could anyone just pull out and never come back to feed her and knowing she had kittens is beyond me
This is some pictures of what it has taken Billy 3 months to do with nothing but a push mower and a weed wacker and a shovel
 This is on the right side of sidewalk going to to previous pic above
 This is the flag he put on the split rail fence he made from old barn boards in AL
 This is right next to where you go up on deck to the right..previous pic of this also
 This is the front of the deck now with some pieces of logs he found in a shed
 This is how yard looks now and it looks nice but is not grass ...just mowed weeds and vet said Calli has allergy to something in yard..Can't do much about it now
Another part of the yard that he has spent months to look like a lawn
Neighbor gave Billy this riding mower and we bought a battery but still won't work because something is messed up and the blades don't work
This will just give you an idea of why I have to find a better place to live. Billy has also fixed pipes under bathroom sink that started to leak and now he had to fix pipes under kitchen sink. He also had to pry light fixture above the kitchen sink loose (pull down kind) to change light bulb and it was painted shut.
I am trying to sell on ebay and in my new blog with a portion of proceeds going to help rescue dogs and part going to moving fund. Please click on the link to my new blog to see some of the items I have for sale and of course my other blog has info about my cook book and I still have about 20 left to sell.
My son is coming to help take my crafts to a sale on Sept 28th and whatever is not sold will be listed in my blog and on ebay and maybe on Etsy. I would love it if all of you could help by sharing the link to my blogs and maybe even say a prayer for us. Hoping to raise enough money to be out of here by Nov first .... we are taking a road trip to a town tomorrow to look for a place and will be checking out some places that my dear friend Dani from Eagles Wings found for me to check out on Craigs list..A special thank you to Dani for always being there to help...I appreciate you more than words can say
Hopefully my next post will have some good news


Karen said...

Awww Nancy I am just so sad at what is transpiring in your I think this landlord should be 'reported' as being a 'slum landlord' - you have before and after pictures and the fact he hasn't put in the required detectors is reason enough let alone the filth you had to go into and his attitude.
I know that would cost money but at this point I think just having him have to atone to his actions would be worth the money and cause the stress to go down just to know he would be 'taken care of'.
I so pray you can find a solution and quickly. I know that this is difficult as you have so many animals and no one will rent with that many - so I pray for you dear friend.

nancy huggins said...

As soon as I get out of here I will be turning him in to the health dept and the fire dept and will also go to elder abuse. I will also make sure the neighbors know about him so if someone else asks them questions about renting here they will be able to inform him. Right now I just want the hassels over with and I want him out of my life. Thankk you for your prayers Karen

Danielle Vargason said...

Praying here too, Nancy and hope you can find something soon and never have to move again. I was hoping this was the place but sadly that's not the case. Hang in there, dear friend.

nancy huggins said...

Thank you for always being there Dani,,You are a true friend and not that many like you anymore...Big Hugs

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Hang in there, Nancy. You are such a strong and resilient woman! I admire you greatly for all you have done and been able to do, despite your pain and the obstacles you've had to face. Keeping you and Billy in my prayers and hope you get to a GOOD home soon. I've put the button to your pet blog on my sidebar. Hope it will send a few your way. Take care! ~~Annie

nancy huggins said...

Thanks Annie and thanks for all your help and for sometimes answering dumb questions. I think I can get a lot more serious about a lot of things once the 2 shows are over and we get moved to a better place. My one son and a friend have told me that they will find a home for us and our fur babies by Nov 1st (FOR SURE) ..I want to put all my faith in them but am still counting on something to go wrong. I will be doing a happy dance the day someone says "You packed and ready??? we have a house for you" ..I might even video the dance :)

Karen said...

I came back here to read the other I read your last one to said "but am still counting on something to go wrong"....DO NOT THINK LIKE THAT....keep a positive attitude.
Your son and his friend are so wonderful to help you and I know they will come up with a suitable home for you/Billy/fur babies by the time they said.

nancy huggins said...

I know how hard he is going to try Karen but his friend is the one trying and he is 27 years old and not used to looking for a place like we need with 4 dogs and it is very hard for me to think positive and I am trying. Nothing has gone right since 2009 when we decided to retire to AL. My son is going to buy a house with English basement in about 18 months and then he said he will take us to live with him in our own area down stairs and it makes me happy to know he wants to do that but still hard for me to have faith in much. I am worried all the time about something happening to Billy while I am still here and that causes a lot of stress. I will try to think more positive and will let everyong know if something comes along that is better news...Thank you for your prayers..They are needed now and appreciated Hugs