Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still Trying and going for another ride tomorrow

Took a ride to a town about 93 miles from here and took the Dogs with and I guess we should have went on a week day. Most of the stores and businesses were closed. It was a nice town and closer to my 1 son  but when we went to other town near here (I had Dr appt) we drove around and went to a Laundromat to wash our long runner rugs that we keep on the floor in the hall way up stairs on the nasty floor that Billy has been trying to clean. It was kind of funny that when we left I was in a lot of pain and when we got to town it was about 75% better and when we got home it was like someone hit me in my neck with a brick and pain was back. Has anyone else ever had something like that happen where something stresses you out that bad?
Doctor gave me 3 new scrips..I know the one is pretty strong because it is only 2mg but he also gave me 2 other ones and 1 was for the fibro pain and then another 1 for stress. The one didn't really help at all but the one I just took so can relax mussles and sleep better is helping a little and then I will take the other one in the morning like it says. Kind of hard to remember what to take when so I am writing it down.
Billy sat in the car with the 4 dogs for an hour so we decided to just come home and go back tomorrow (only about 12 miles) and will leave the Dogs home. I feel bad leaving them home but is easier on us and them to do that sometimes.
Once again I will be putting flyers up in a lot of stores and will be going to newspaper office and even to a call in radio station..maybe that combination will help 
We decided  that even though it would be nice to be closer to son that it would cost a lot more to rent truck to move that far and since we both like the Dr we go to now that it would be better to stay close to him. It is the town we shop in even though there isn't that many stores and if we want to go to the bigger stores we can maybe just take a road trip once a month if need be.
So tomorrow will be a long and busy day but am saying prayers that we have some luck and maybe God will help us since he knows how bad we need to make this move.
Guess it is time to go give my fur babies a hug good night so they can go upstairs and go to bed with Billy while I make up some flyers and make sure I have addresses I need for places to go tomorrow.
Calli will stay right by my side until I go up to bed and "Sassy" (the new kitten will start her flying through the house and trying to lick me and smack me. I wish she would get her days and night straightened out and not sleep all afternoon and go kitty crazy at night. I guess that is part of being a kitty.
Calli waits on the couch for me sometimes
Sassy does like the toy I made for her and a rag that she decided was hers :)
Good night all...I will up date you about tomorrow and also the sale this Saturday (they are forcasting 40% chance of rain and I am praying that it goes around us)


annie said...

So sorry y'all are still struggling with things, still hoping & praying everything gets settled and your stress levels lower. God Bless You Both, hugs to the furry friends!

Karen said...

Goodness Nancy you do have some stress to work through don't you.
I can see how all of this would trigger the Fibro and other things.
I feel bad for you (all of you) and pray for better days to come.

nancy huggins said...

Pain wasn't to bad last night when I went to bed but was really bad again this morning. Took 2 of the meds and waiting for them to kick in so we can go to Savanna and look around and hang some flyers. Fingers crossed and praying for something good to happen soon