Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Do you like animals and also like OOAK cook books? When we moved in this house this was the greeter
She greets everyone that comes to our door and is a very friendly and I think kind of a lonesome kitty. We didn't know when we moved here that she had kittens.(we didn't even know she lived here)  Neighbor told us they THOUGHT she had kittens but never saw them so thought they were dead if she did. I'm sorry but I would have had to go check. They also told us not to feed her because they put food in their garage for her because then she will keep the mouse population down at their house....Sorry , but I don't think she needs to be crossing the road for food and especially not when she is nursing kittens.
Therefore wh have been feeding her and her kittens and I don't care if she catches mice. I have 3 cats in the house that will take care of mice in here.
She went to the food dish and then her kittens came by her and she backed away to let them eat

 She is getting soooo skinny
 These 2 saw me and went and tried to hide under this tree
 Wouldn't she make a cute pet for someone
She wanted to help (or maybe just be fed and petted) when we were unloading the truck
If you would like to help this sweet little kitty have a better life then go check out my cook book which I will use the proceeds from to get her spayed here
http://hugginshaven.blogspot.com/.... If you do not want to purchase a cook book but would like to help kitty I will also accept donations of any amount. The cost to have her spayed is $125.00 and I will be talking to vet tomorrow. She might need shots or something and I don't have much time to get this done as when she stops nursing I want to take her right away. They said she can't be spayed until she is done nursing and then I will have to keep her in my house until the stitches come out. I am hoping they will have a trap available at that time from the shelter for me to trap the kitties and hopefully the shelter (or maybe the vet) will help find homes for them
If you could be so kind to put a link to this post in your blog I would be forever grateful. If you have any questions you can leave them in a comment or email me through one of my blogs.
Thank you to anyone that would be willing to help Miss Kittie (and help me sleep better)

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Kady said...

I've rescued many cats and had them spayed or neutered and I would bet there is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic somewhere in your area that would do the spay for much less. The ones in this area (Dayton, Germantown, Ohio) do it for about $40 and if the cats are put into a feral cat program, the fee is about the same and they will tip the left ear as a signal that she's been spayed. I don't particularly like ear-tipping but my vet just takes a tiny snippet off in order to comply with the program rules. Ask your vet about such programs and maybe you'll be able to get mama AND kittens done. That's what I'd do, since if there is a female kitten, she can mate with her own brother and have kittens when she's as young as 5 months of age. Unreal, isn't it? Bless you for helping these cats. Your neighbor wasn't of much help, for sure. I have neighbors who are just as uncaring, but at least WE try to do something for the forgotten ones.