Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well..we are finally out of the crazy Motel and even though I do NOT like it here at least life is a little better...especially for my Fur Babies.
This is how the house looked the day we came to look at it..not very pretty but when we had to leave and go back to Motel as soon as we pulled in at Motel I decided it could be made liveable. I have been taking tons of pictures and will show the before and after in my next post and I promise it wont take as long
Nellie and her friend Carrie came to visit for Fathers Day and my Birthday and we took a trip to Galena. I think it is just a big tourist trap but visitors always want to go there so we went
 Saw Grants House but wasn't open to go in and kind of pricey
 You could ride around town in a trolly car and see a lot of sights (but mostly stores and restaurants)
 And the whole town is hills and we parked on a street that we had to walk back up to get to the car
 They liked this shop because they had some cool Cowgirl hats
 Had a nice Lunch at restaurant and got to sit outside and have Lunch
 There are a lot of old buildings and a lot of them have apartments and I just thought it was kind of cool where this one had a horse looking out the window (of course he was not alive)
Then they had some really beat up old buildings and had these pretty little pots of flowers by the door. Just kind of cute I thought
A lot has happened since we left Mode and I will write about it and will show tons of pictures of the area here in my next post.
Billy has been working EVERY DAY cleaning the yard and when it was raining he was cleaning and scrubbing inside.
I have been unpacking every day and don't think I will ever get done this time because I am doing a lot of sorting and will be downsizing. Kind of foolish to have so many bins of STUFF that will never be used or displayed so plans are to have a HUGE yard sale
Will be busy the next few weeks with Doctor appointments and Billy will finally go to dentist and get his teeth fixed.
Has been in the upper 90's and we have no AC...just fans so will be glad when temps drop back down and will actually be glad to pull out a long sleeve shirt. Then of course I am sure it will be cold in this house up on a hill but we do have a big wood burner in Living room so hopefully that will help. You can always bundle up to stay warm but can only peel clothes off so far and still not cool off when hot.
Just a few more pictures before I sign off
 Calli has a friend and looks a lot like her..Neighbor dog came to play with her for about an hour
 I just thought this was so pretty with Hollyhocks planted by the side of a barn. Hollyhocks remind me of my Grandmother
 Lucky gave me that look that said "No way am I getting off this can just go use the one upstairs"
 Cant believe I found this Church and only 3 miles from home
 This is a neighbor just a mile from here and he raises Lamas and Sheep and has every kind of Farm Machinery you can imagine
This is the road home from a little town we found called "Savanna" and it actually has stores...Wonder how this road is going to be when it is snowing and blowing.
Thats all for now


Danielle Vargason said...

I think the house is wonderful and what a lovely part of the country you live in now. Just beautiful!!!!
The house looks very English, we spent time in England, back in the 80s..all it needs is a thatched roof and it would fit right in.
Maybe one day, you could get a portable AC unit for a window or better than fans.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy...Thanks for stopping by..WOW I love the new house it has great potental & a wood burning stove. Looks big enough to give you room to breath & have fun decorating! Can't wait to see pics.
Looks like really nice country side around you...
Know all about that down sizing regrets living in a trailor no place to collect anything...Now the shop & RedNeck shed are full of my supplies..

Have fun making your new house Home!


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

I love that house. And the countryside is so beautiful! I think you can do wonders with fixing it up. I hope you come to love it there! Sounds like a fun time having your daughter come visit. And a fun town you all went to. Hoping the best for you and Billy in your new home! ~~Annie