Monday, June 3, 2013

Tomorrow is the Big Day

We are supposed to pick Ryder up tomorrow and Praying everything goes O K and can just get this move over with. I will try and keep in touch through Dani but will only have my I phone to do anything. Computer is coming down in the morning and will not have it again until I find a good deal on a bundle package.
Nellie is moving to NM July first and we are going to really miss her but she will have a good teaching job with all the benefits and will also be able to get her Bachelors degree..We are very proud of her. Out of all 9 kids she is the only one that offered to help us move and she is far and has been sick.
Guess I will sign off for now and get some sleep so I am ready for BIG day tomorrow. I can check for comments with my phone but to much work to try and post with it.
Hope to be back on line soon :)


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, pray everything goes well for you, Francine.

Karen said...

Hi Nancy,
Good luck on your move...will be anxious to see you all settled in.

How wonderful for Dani to get this fantastic job...good luck to her. She's a blessing.


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Good Luck with your move nancy...may the good lord lend a helpinghand and make it smooth and easy!