Sunday, October 7, 2012


Plans are to try once more to move back up North and be closer to my Doctors and stores and especially my daughter and find a good place for my best 4 legged  friends. ( country with a fence)
I will be having another garage sale / craft sale this week end and then what is left I will be listing on line and will be taking a loss on a lot of things but will lighten the load plus maybe can sand bag some $.
Just getting the run around from Doctors and it is all about how much money they can get from my insurance  and I am fed up.
Be watching next week for big sales (I now have some pain pills that will help me sit at computer longer) plus the neck pain is a little better since I quit going to the Chiro in town. Utilities are sky high here as is everything else
Stay tuned and I will be back next Monday :)


Country Gal said...

Be careful with the Chiros as sometimes they can do more damage then good . There was a story on the news here about that and of some women that was paralyzed and brain damaged by one by supposedly trying to relive her of neck and back pain and it has taken over a year of rehabilitation for her and he has since been charged and thankfully is no longer a Chiropractor as the courts striped him of everything and she is still not nor will be 100% . I do hope all works out for you and you find away to get rid of the pain and problem !


Sounds like a good plan, being closer to your daughter would be great for you and I am sure your four legged friends would be very happy. Good luck with everything and hope you get the doctors you need.

nancy huggins said...

I am not going back...and this is the same Chiro that ordered 6 rice bags and 6 eye masks and I delivered them and 2 hours later his Daughter calls and tells me that can't have them there because medicare might do a check and he would get in trouble..I am not a 3rd grader and I know better so now I have to try and sell the rice bags plus make payments to him out of pocket because he backed out on buying them. He has gel packs..pillows and shoe inserts for sale in his office... I just want to go HOME

annie said...

hope it all gets better!
hugging you, gently!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Nancy, I am so sorry to read you are in such is hard to live your life when pain is in control...I do hope everything works out for you. Keeping you in my thoughts, blessings Julie.