Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun Week End

It was a Fun Week end when my Youngest Son "Scott" came to visit for a few days and I am always trying to think of some things to do that might be interesting and since I have wanted to see the "Goat Tower" near here for a while I thought it would be a fun trip
This is me with Scott before he went home today in front of the Trellis that Billy built with some vines he got out in the woods
This is how the Tower looked from the road. Scott didn't want to just pull in their driveway but I told him I would go to the door and ask permission to get a closer look
This is how it looked when we got up to their house. This is what the Lady of the House can see out her kitchen window when cooking or doing dishes...How awesome is that. She was a very nice Lady and told us a little bit about it and also said that they were down to 2 Goats but would be breeding for some "KIDS" in the spring. She said the electric fence was off and we could get a closer look. She also warned us that they would try and hide thinking we were the vet coming to trim hooves or giving shots...and she was right
Can you see him trying to hide..and he was up high enough to make sure we couldn't reach him :)
After he looked us over for a few minutes he decided he didn't trust us LOL
Peeking out at us..I love Goats..very domestic type farm animal
I don't Love Chickens but these were not afraid and didn't run around squawking
Just 1 Rooster with about 6 Chickens..I wonder if he ruled the Roost
You can read more information here
Also hit some GREAT Garage sales and an awesome  auction and will post about them in my next post.
American Pickers has not made it to the neighbors guess would be that they are trying to line up a few more to go to on the way here :)


prims by olde lady morgan said...

WOW! Look at them hiding up there, what a neat building for the goats! OLM

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

What a cool place to visit. Loved all the pics ~ wonderful.
I even like the pic of the little stud with all his chicks!!!
Prim Blessings

annie said...

amazing building!
great you all got to visit!