Monday, October 15, 2012


Mark and Jenny heading out in the woods to ride the ATV
 Why does blogger make it so difficult to post pictures..O K  This is pretty much back words but here goes. This was taken this morning when Billy was helping Mark load up to go back home. This is the little trailer he brought with and pulled Billy and Kelly and Jenny through the woods
This is Mark loading his A T V up for the trip home
 Packing up is more work than unloading I think
 Here is the A T V and small trailer loaded up on the big trailer
 This is his muddy wheels because just before he loaded up Maggie and Calli got loose and Mark and Jenny rode out in the woods to find them. Good thing Jenny was able to coax them back home.
 Mark loves to ride his A T V and Jenny loves to ride with him
 Millie couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to go home or stay by Nana and Papa
 Millie Loved to play  in the leaves and there sure was enough of them every where
 Everyone loves Millie and Millie loves everyone..especially her Mommie (Jenny)
 Mark and Billy and Kelly went fishing at both of the ponds...Mark caught this in the pond behind Fred's house. Kelly caught a bigger one but blogger wouldn't let me post it. A stringer full of these would have made a nice fish fry..maybe next time
 We have a lot of Hickory trees here and the nuts fell off the trees in the middle of the night and Mark was brushing them off
 It was raining at 3 A M and that is when the nuts hitting the roof of R V woke them up. They had to move it about 10 feet so they could get some sleep. Had to move elec and water hook up and both Billy and mark got drenched from the rain
 Mark cooked hamburgers on the grill for lunch on Sat and for supper he grilled us all a steak (but I did bake a cake and some cookies for dessert
 They had to stop at WM on the way down and sweet little Jenny brought her Nana a bouquet of flowers
 Jenny and I spent all afternoon making soap and this is the gingerbread men soap she made. I think they turned out kind of cute
This is Mark and Kelly and Jenny right before they left. We all had a good time and I wish they could have stayed longer...maybe next time

Hope you could figure it all out the way the pictures are
I am going to be having a BIG sale on most all of my hand made items and the Halloween bags will only be $3.00 plus shipping (which will be a little less that $2.00 I think. Of course I will combine shipping to save you money. I have a lot of nice fall items on etsy and I will give 20% off my already low prices but just let me know by email and I will take them off etsy and sell outright. I just need buyers to pay me through paypal as a gift. If you don't know how I can step you through it.
Our new goal is to try and save up once again to be able to move. We found some really great deals about 2 hours south of here to buy a nice place with some land so I will be working hard and having sales on items for cost and less than cost on some things. Selling is probably going to be our only chance of saving up enough to be able to do that.
You can go here (not sure if that link will work but can't figure out another way to do it. I also have a lot of good deals on ebay right now also and you can click on this link to check them out
Thank you for taking the time to read this long and messy post and I hope you enjoyed reading about my week end. If anyone has any questions just email me or leave it in a comment.
Hope everyone has a great week


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Nancy....great weekend had by the sweet little furbaby, so cute Millie is....yummy supper...your pictures were good, blogger gives me such a terrible time putting pictures on my blog/$"!%?&**?$/!"...Blessings Francine

papel1 said...

I thought you wanted to move north? Maybe the deals are better to buy land south of you. Good luck with your sales.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy... Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family.. That's awesome...Your Greand daughter is beautiful!
I be tthey had a ball on the 4 wheeler...
I don't have a hard time with my pictures going where Iw ant them thank god I would quit posting. Do you write a little then stop and add the picture under what you wrote? or Do you write the post and then add pictures?

I write about the picture then add it right then and go onto the next bit of writing about the next picture.

Seems that God will give you the money to move when he is ready and not a moment sooner. You have your little place fixed up so nice it is a shame to move but I totally understand wanting to be closer to family and doctors and such. Good Luck with your yard sales.