Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is proof that a cat will sleep anywhere in anything if you have a nice soft bed inside. This is my Anndarie and she Loves all the cat beds I make no matter what they are in.
I have been working on making some pet beds to take to a craft show Nov 10th and this is one I made in a basket ..I tied a bell on the end and also a cat toy. I figured I might as well start using up some of the baskets I have so many of and make some other fur babies happy like my Anndarie
Here is another one I made and the pad in the bottom is made from cat print flannel. I put a lot more bells around the edge and tied them to the ribbon I have wound all around the top..also added a fun toy for a cat. This would be for a new kitten that likes to stay active. The pads/ beds in my baskets can be removed and washed and  dried in machine on gentle and I always wash mine in cold water.
I really like the way this one turned out. It is what I would call a wood 4 poster bed for a doll. I made pads on the sides (kind of like bumper pads in a crib) and they are tied to the posts to hold  them in place It has ac cute pad in the bottom made from homespun with cat print. I have also added a few bells and a cat toy. This would be great for someone that got a new kitten and it can just grow into it and when it gets bigger it can curl up like my kitty does.
As most of you know I am not near any of the bigger fabric stores but I have a friend up North that shops for me. This is the softest fleece type fabric I have ever felt and the same on the back. I had to put it up where my dogs couldn't get on it..My Bianca really loved it
I laid this fabric on the couch to take a picture to show a friend and went in by the computer to hook camera up to up load picture and when I got back there was Bianca laying across all of it and giving me that look that said "Can I have it" I had to put it up where she couldn't reach it.
Here are just a few more of the beds I have made so far and I hope they will make a lot of fur babies very happy
 Americana print..I made 2 and added the tag
 I have some of these made in different sizes. Some have soft fleec on the back and some have this real nice thick fur like fabric
 I made a few with this soft fleece and have different backs on them
 Different sizes for different size fur babies
 This is a cute Scottie dog print with fleece back and I made 2 like this
 I think this is my favorite fabric because I like the print and it is so soft I could cuddle up on the couch with one
 Different backs on these and the top is cotton with a lot of different breeds of dogs
I was stacking them on top of the dog crate and guess who decided to try them out. They are now packed in bins and boxes to take to craft show.
I will show more pictures of other things to take to craft show as I get them done.
Thank you for visiting my blog and hope everyone has a nice week.

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning.....what a sweet kitty......wonderful furbaby beds you them......I'm sure they will sell at the craft show....good luck........Blessings Francine.