Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi Everyone..Just thought I would check in and update you all about what is going on here in Paradise ...Yep ..that is me up there with my head between Mom and Dad when we get to go for a ride in the car. I like to look for Cow's (Did you know I Love Cow's?) When I see some coming up in a field I move real quick to a side window depending which side of the road they are on. Mom and Dad know how much I enjoy this so they even have a big pillow stuffed between the seats for me to prop up on :)

Do any of you remember seeing this picture before? This is when Calli and I were just Puppies and Dad put up a fence when we lived in AL and Calli was trying to figure out how to climb over it
And this is how dumb I was..I thought I could get my big head through the hole in the fence. Never could get through it but I kept trying
And this is what we did to all Mom's craft magazines one day when she was sewing and couldn't see us
We like living here a lot better than we did living in AL. Mom and Dad spent a lot of money and put up a new fence so we would be safe and we are liking it a lot We like to just lay out in the sun and sometimes we go under a tree and lay in the shade
I like to lay in the grass and sometimes I like to roll in it and scratch my back
Calli enjoys just laying around in the grass and relaxing in the sun too
Annie likes to lay in the grass and sometimes when Dad mows the lawn and  Annie and Bianca roll in the grass they turn Green. I wish you could see how funny they look with a green face LOL
Bianca is just kind of weird and likes to lay in the house and sleep like a twisted pretzel on the couch. None of us like it when Mom and Dad get company because we have to share the couch. Some people don't like us being on the couch with them but they will just have to understand that it is OUR couch and we are sharing with them. Some people can be so rude and tell Mom and Dad that they never let their Dog on the furniture. I sure am glad that they aren't our Mom and Dad.
Sometimes we find a piece of an old ripped toy ....Yes..when Mom buys us a toy we usually have it shredded  in 20 minutes but we still like to play with the ripped pieces and we do get a lot of exercise playing tug of war
Calli always try's to take everything I find that is fun to play with or chew on
Give it to me Calli..I had it first
 It is kind of fun playing with Calli and I always (well almost always) win!
Now that I found this nice big stick she wants it too
I wish she would take a nap sometimes and leave me rest. She keeps picking up the old ripped up toys and pushes them in my face and aggravates me to get me to play with her. Time to grow up..we are 3 years old now and not little puppies anymore (at least we aren't supposed to be puppies).
Now she is trying to take my stick right out of my mouth
Sometimes when Mom or Dad get up and go in the kitchen or bathroom I like to get up in their recliner. Makes me feel bad sometimes that I chewed the one arm on both of the recliners. Mom said some day they will get a new one and she might let us have the old ones. I don't know why they want a new one...these are comfortable and you can't see where I chewed the arm with the big soft fleece cover on it
Calli thinks she is sooo special because Mom gave her a nice pillow to lay her head on when she takes her nap on the couch

Sometimes when Mom and Dad go outside we go in their room and take a nap on their bed. They won't let us sleep there with them at night because we are so big. But sometimes after they fall asleep we sneak up and lay by their feet
We really do Love each other a lot (probably even more than Human siblings) Mom said I am Calli's whole world. Calli can't even stand to come in the house and let me stay outside. No matter where I go she is right behind me. When Mom bought the big crate she bought it for me because I was always so naughty but Calli comes right in there with me. The Vet even let her spend the night with me when I had the Heart worm treatments and he didn't even charge Mom extra cause he knew how much it meant to Calli to be with me no matter what. We sure do miss that vet..He actually liked us.
Mom and dad have 2 cats that are 9 years old that live here. I am not real crazy about that but they were here before us and Mom and Dad said they do earn their keep by keeping the mouse population down (whatever that means) Now they are letting my Human sister "Nellie" bring one of her cats here to live with us because Nellie knows how much attention dad will give the cat (named "Lucky") isn't that a good name for a cat that is coming to live here.
Now that they got the old 1 car garage cleaned out that is used for storage they are going to try and get an outside cat to help keep squirrels out of the yard and cats are supposed to help keep Moles out of the yard. They will make a bed for the cat in that old garage If they would just let me run loose I could chase the moles away. I love to catch the moles and then I throw them up in the air over and over. It grosses Mom out so Dad takes them away from me and throws them out in the field. They won't let me run loose though because I take off and they are afraid I will get run over out in the road. Oh well....It is their house so I guess they are the boss and we sure are glad that Mom saw the ad in the paper for us when they lived in AL We like it up here so much more that I quit chewing the day we moved in this house (unless of course they leave food unattended somewhere :)
Uh oh..I hear Mom coming back in here and that means I better get away from her computer...she doesn't like anyone using her computer. I will try and come back when I get a chance again and up date you all again. NITE NITE EVERYONE


Debra said...

Wonderful photos of your dogs! I am so glad you were able to get the fence for them!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I adore seeing photos of your dogs Nancy, They really did a job on the craft mags!

We never had moles till we moved here to the mountains and our cat , "Blak" does a good job of finding them but they are called voles here. Maybe a little smaller!

Keep in touch!
Smiles, cyndi

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, a dog's life... lol. I like to roll around on the ground too, but it's a little harder to do now in my older age. You sure have an adventurous time :) Tell your mom she has won my July 4th birthday giveaway! She can contact me at moonbatty [AT]

Stay rolly poley pooch!