Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting better and longer post

Time to do the Happy Dance..No more having to worry about Dog's taking off and getting hurt. I got 2  $50.00 gift cards for Mother's Day and then a $100.00 donation from a friend and Dog Lover (and I guess she wanted me to stop worrying about my Dogs so I guess that meant she liked me too) and then with squeezing $100 from household acct we were finally able to go and purchase my much needed supplies to put up a Fence. Bought the supplies on the 25th and had to haul everything in our Dodge Caliber but we did it. Then Billy had to literally dig most of the holes for the posts by hand. 
After 3 Days of a lot of work and I do mean a lot of work (and he didn't get much help from me because of popped out rib and swollen knee) it was finally upThis is how it looked when he got to the end and I could let them out to just run and play. It was kind of cute because when I told them they could go out Maggie went over to the cabinet where I had the leashes and was looking up at them..I told her..just go mag and at first she was kind of afraid to go out the door (Than was a first..she would usually knock me over to get out if I held the door open)
It goes right up against the back of the raised Rose Garden that Billy put in for me last year. We have been hanging Shepard's Hooks all around and will have hanging pots and bird feeders when finished.

This is how you can make a Dodge Caliber into an S U V
This is how close the front seat had to be pulled up and is where I rode coming home from buying supplies (yes..I was able to wear my seat belt)

This is how the back of the Dodge looked and of course we did have to use a piece of wire to hold the hatch door down (even though it wouldn't close tight)
This is how it looked with the right side back door open
and when you opened the left rear door it actually started to unload itself. We had 2 rolls of 100 ft of 5 ft high wire..and 6... 4X4 X 8ft corner posts ( the rest of the posts were free that we pulled out of the woods from an old fence..15 in all )
The fence was finished by Sunday evening and I still wasn't able to do much but I did cook a nice big dinner to celebrate on Monday and that is when my stomach started to hurt. I stayed in the recliner  most of the day every day and finally gave in and went to Clinic on Friday. She said..No more train rides up North since I pulled a ligament in my knee from pulling my suitcase up into the train plus aggravated the rib. Then I had these big red spots that turned out to be spider bites (I think from the mulch) plus gave me meds for my stomach (over the counter) and a scrip for pain pills for knee and rib. Told me to come back if no better in a week and they would do an MRI. 
No need for that since everything is doing O K now.

I am also a new Great Grandmother to Makenzie Joline..born on June 1st..7# 7 oz and 20 1/2" long..Isn't she a beauty
I can't wait to see her. My Granddaughters Husband's parents live 17 miles south of us so when they come down with the baby to visit I will ride down to see her. 
 Went to the Farmers Market today (the sale only lasts 2 hours) and took a few things to see how they would sell. I did sell one of my Dog Beds with a few little doggie treats and that was O K since I now know what to bring next time and what will sell and how I can display it...keeping fingers crossed  and am inspired to make a few things that I am pretty sure will sell. Looking forward to going back next Tuesday if I can get everything ready and if not will go the 19th for sure.
Things are looking up a little and the man next to me had some awesome looking fresh veggies and I just thought this garlic was so cool and bought a bunch ($2.00)

Will say good night for now and hope to be back soon

Good night Makenzie..Hope to see you soon..Love ya "Nana"


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Glad to hear your doing much better and you're healing up fast!
So nice not to have to worry about your babies ~ I bet.
Beautiful flower garden!
Congrats Great Grandma!!! She is a beauty!!! Hope you get to see her soon!
Prim Blessings

papel1 said...

Good to see you back up and writing again on your blog. And the fence looks good and now the dogs will run out willingly.

Carmen C. said...

Awww, CONGRATS on the new baby, how beautiful!!!! So happy to hear the dogs have a fence and can have fun running now:) Love your vehicle all jam-packed FULL,LOL, got the job done:)

Dani said...

I was so relieved to hear about the fence and was glad to see the photo....I'm sure it was a relieve for you too! wish I could have helped more.....Makenzie is a beauty!..

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Morning Nancy... I'm so glad to hear taht you are were able to get a fence put up to keep the kids safely in the yard... I bet they are gona really love being able to go out without the leash...and you are going to be able to relax when they are out playing...Tehy look like they are lovin there play yard!

You new Great Grand Baby is beautiful! I bet you can't wait to see her.. I hope it is soon!

Hope the kneww and Rib are doing better..really a bummer when the knees aren't working right makes life a bit tuff..

Have a Great Weekend!


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Makenzie is a sweetheart. So glad things are looking up. Your post sounded so positive! ~~Annie