Thursday, June 21, 2012

A busy week and I have been bad

I have been keeping Billy very busy this past week making things for me in the front yard that I found pictures of on line. He is working on the trellis here and I will show pictures of it finished soon
His Mower we bought last week was delivered todayI knew I better get as much done as possible before it got here
First Annie had to go for a ride
Then Bianca got to for for a ride
I spray painted a spot in the yard for a new flower bed and can't wait to show pictures of it finished in a few days
I am soooo happy to have won this in Carols (Firecracker Kid) give away since I wanted some kind of a flag I could put in my new garden with the trellis. I will show pictures when it gets here and Billy has it up
He also helped me plant Marigolds all the way along the fence by the drive way. Billy pulled them out of the garden spot we had last year that nothing would grow in but "MARIGOLDS" They are starting to bloom and I mixed 6 red Impatients in with them for some more color

I do not know what kind of flowers these are that I dug up and moved here and the Hummingbirds seem to like them
This is what the Leaves look like. If anyone knows what they are or any information please let me know

And now for the part about me being a bad lady is...I was in 2 swaps last month and never got to show the pictures of the awesome items I got. To many things happened (which I won't go into now  but involves my trip up North and getting injured) I Love the items and will take some pictures and share them in my next post when I show updated photos of all of Billys hard work. I am soooo sorry it has taken so long to share my goodies with all of you.


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Nancy,found your wonderful blog,really enjoyable. Great flower beds and by the looks of the leaves on that plant,think it`s Coral Bells. Can`t wait to see your swap goodies,love the swaps. Blessings Francine.

Karen - My Colonial Home said...

Hi those kinds of trellis's - they are so 19th century and further back. You see them in all the re-created villages you visit.

Well how wonderful for Billy - every man needs his toys and a NEW TOY AT THAT.


ByLightOfMoon said...

I am always thinking of your post where your flowers you planted did not look so good and this is SO happening to me all the time, But, is is supriseing to me how they return when I least expect them! So, keep planting them, especially any natives you can find!

Oh, we made a trellis from our mountain laurel broken branches. Made it into a rose trellis!
Smiles, Cyndi