Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is why and I am excited and will be busy next week

How could anyone not Love a face like this. This is Sophie and I met her last night when I went to the meeting at the shelter near here. I never actually went to visit a shelter before because I knew it would break my Heart to see sad faces. But I am so happy I went to the 1 here and got to meet Sophie. She was just a very happy little Dog. Someone dumped her off on a country road and animal control was going to pick her up and we all know what they do...but the shelter stepped in and saved this sweet little dog from fate.
I was really impressed with this shelter and when they have their fund Raiser on the 21st and are having a dinner and silent auction I will be there with my cook books and a portion of the proceeds will definitely go to them.
I also donated some of my hand made items for their silent auction and since they are advertising that dessert for the dinner will be hand made I will bake and donate 6 dozen cupcakes and maybe even a cake that I love to bake in the microwave.
Once we get moved this summer I may start splitting the proceeds and have a separate one for people that might be having a hard time paying a vet for something (like when my Maggie had to have treatments for Heart worm) Maybe they need drops for their dog or cats ears or need help buying Heartworm protection. Sometimes even $10.00 will be a big help. I would just have my bank cut a check and send right to their vet. That would make me happy and I would know exactly what the donation went for. What do you all think of that idea.
I may volunteer for a pet shelter where we end up moving to and even though I can't handle seeing the sad faces I could help with fund raisers. I am very good at that and have done well in the past.
Now for the rest of the interesting news...The shelter requested that I bring 50 cook books with to the fund raiser and I talked to the guy at the print shop ... he will be giving me a discount and will let me make payments. It costs me around $12.00 to have a cook book printed and then I donate some and it is expensive now with gas to run back and forth to print shop and the post office. But in the long run it will still be cheaper to pay the shop than try and print and then punch the holes to put the binders on. I have spent over $200.00 just in ink and paper to try and print them myself plus if the paper even moves a hair when punching the holes that paper goes in the burning barrel. I will still do the work of putting all the pages on the binders and carefully packing them to go in the mail.
Every time I finish putting 1 together I just remind myself that I may just be able to help feed a sheltered pet or help pay a vet bill and that makes it all worth while.
And last but not least I of course have to let you know what my Nellie is up to. She now writes for a newspaper (on line paper I think) and if you subscribe to it you will get an email when she writes a new article. It is usually about comedy shows but you don't have to be interested in Chicago comedy shows to help her out. She gets paid per click so it is real simple to just click on the link and weather or not you choose to read it is up to you. Nellie is the sole support of herself in Chicago and of course her 3 kitties and her new rescue Dog that I showed a picture of in my last post. ( his name is "Doc")
Nellie is also doing what is called a podcast and of course it is all about comedy and she interviews different people and it may even be you if you would enjoy being interviewed and hearing some funny stuff.
Her goal is to start advertising for anyone that has a business or web site and needs some P R for a very minimal fee and of course I will take advantage of that to advertise my cook book and other things I sell. This would be another way for her to have a small income and stay independent. And last but not least Nellie is also a Nanny and loves her job.
I know some of you have purchased my cook book and I am getting really positive feedback and some of you are still thinking about it. I have sold some that will be used for Mothers Day gifts and even some for BD and Christmas gifts. I can still get a cook book to you in time for Mothers Day if payment is received by May 4th.
I ship by media mail and will combine shipping on multiple purchases or send it a faster way (Priority or Parcel post) if you want to pay the extra shipping.
Just send me an email through my selling blog and I can guarantee you that you will be pleased with this OOAK cook book. I have never seen a hand published cook book that also includes Celebrity letters and signed photos and 1 celebrity even wrote a short Love story about his recipe (and of course he is a famous author)
The cook books are selling right now for $28.50 which includes shipping by media mail.
I will be gone to Chicago over Mothers Day and the week after but can still take orders to ship when I get home. I will have a way to check my email while I am gone.
Thank you to all of you that took the time to read this lengthy post and looking forward to your comments and maybe your orders


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Goodness you have been busy...have you all found a place to move? Hope you find yourselves a nice place with an extra room so you have a craft room this time around.
I know all about packing up the craft supplies...real pain but ya gotta have what ya gotta have to create.
Hope the cook book sales are going well for you. It sounds like you've sold quit a few.

I totally agree on the Proving youre not a robot..I can't read them either so I don't comment if someone has them..

Thanks for stopping by.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Nancy, I see why this sweet face took you in. I get so sad when i hear of someone just dropping animals off.

There was an incident the day before yesterday I believe...
Someone bundled up 6 newborn puppies and dropped them off at a dump site...they were rescued and the person who did this horrible deed had them in something that had his LUGGAGE TAG ON IT WITH HIS glad he was caught.


prims by olde lady morgan said...


I grounded myself from the computer for a bit and so far behind in my reading...Love what you are doing with the cookbook. our Knuckles is a rescue... So I would love to purchase 2 cookbook, email me please, and i will send you a check! OLM

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sophie is so adorable ~ she is luck to have found you.
Congratulations on being able to sell at the fund raiser ~ hope you sell lots!!! You are such a nice person for all you do.
Prim Blessings

annie said...

Sounds like you are doing well, I'm very proud of you! Hope the books continue to sale well. God bless!