Monday, April 9, 2012

Some more Celebrities and other information

This is what Ladybird Johnson wrote at the bottom of her recipe (she sent 2 recipes) I Love it when some Celebrities send notes / letters and have some awesome photos includedHere are some more Celebrities that are included in the cook book
George Strait..Bonnie Blair (from Olympics)..Jeanne Dixon (also has an interesting note)..Dave Thomas wrote a nice letter and told me his favorite Wendy's meal (and he has passed away)...Joan Van Ark...Robert Schuller from the Crystal Cathedral...David Horwitz (T V show).. 6 politician's ...John Glen..some more politician's (and all of them have some really good recipes)...Governor Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton
( but they would not send any more once he was President..there is a total of 90 recipes counting the 3 I added and 1 from Nellie.
A friend's son is checking out some publishers now as he went nuts over my cook book and said it was a gold mine (and of course I did enjoy hearing that) and he said he has never seen anything like it with recipes..letters and photos. I have never seen 1 like it either :)
I guess if the right offer came along I may just go with a publisher but I will not allow them to change ANYTHING.
I worked very hard to publish it the way it is.
I will be advertising in some newspapers farther up North since I did real good when I was selling the cook book in the 90's.
Now for the other information that is on my mind.
I always stayed up late and went blogging and left comments in every blog I visited. Well that can not happen any more. I got new glasses a few months back and they had to change them 3 times and I am still having problems reading a lot of things. I can not understand for the life of me why so many bloggers have their blog set to where you have to prove you are not a robot and type in the VERY HARD to read letters and then on top of that they have it set to where they still have to approve the comment.
I am sorry and just want all of you to know that have that setting that I can no longer see good enough to type that stuff. I just have mine set to where I have to approve the comments and..yes I do get a lot of spam comments but just the click of a key on keyboard and they are deleted.
Some of you I know well and am friends with and some have even purchased a cook book. So...if you wonder why I am no longer leaving you know. If you want me and many others I am sure to leave comments then you need to change your setting so we can.
I will be mailing my first donation check tomorrow and looking forward to being able to do many more. Thank you to those of you that have purchased my cook book and it made me happy to receive your emails about how much you loved them :)


Angie Berry said...

Well hopefully for those sweet little animals' sake, the right publisher will come along that wants to publish your cookbook just exactly like it is!

I know what you mean about those word verifications. My eyes are still pretty decent and I have a hard time with them too. It's so frustrating when I get them wrong and have to do it again with different letters.

Congratulations on mailing out your first donation check! I know that has to be extremely exciting for you, it's exciting for me! YAY!!

Have an awesome week, sweet friend~

Country Gal said...

Thats great to see how many celebs you are getting for your cook books ! I have glasses for the computer as well and I even have a hard time with some bloggers word verifacation it drives me nuts . Tips from be a better blogger site said if you want to never have followers keep it on if you want followers turn it off and have it go through your e-mail and moniter all your comments get spam delete it , it's that simple thats what I do ! Have a great day !

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I just got my copy and I am enjoying reading it!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Nancy ~ Congratulations on getting all those celebrities recipes ~ how fun!!!
Hope the right publishers comes along that will agree to do it your way.
How awesome you got to send in a check to help all those animals out!
Prim Blessings

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Nancy, still enjoying the cookbook. I blogged about you on my post today. Hope lots of folks come by!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

You are one busy lady! I admire all you do for the sake of our furry friends! I'm enjoying your cookbook, and as soon as I finish my spring cleaning, I'm going to try out some of those recipes in my nice CLEAN kitchen! LOL! Good luck at the shelter...hope at the end of the day you sell the very last book you printed! Then it will have work out perfectly! :) ~~Annie