Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I went to print shop to pick up the 50 cook books that I had him print for me I just briefly checked them since he had always done a good job I thought they were O K. I could not get any more of the Peach card stock for the covers so since there wasn't that much to pick from I decided the Green would look fine, I only have 4 of the books with Peach Cover left to sellThis is the machine I use to put them together. It opens the binders co I can put the pages on a few at a time and then I turn the knob to close it back up. Yes it is time consuming and I was putting them on in small amounts of 5 or so at a time and then all of a sudden I saw a page with a photo and it was printed tipped when it went through the printer and it did not look good. Then I decided to really take a good look and noticed he didn't get the one side of the brochure from Roy Rogers museum in it.
He suggested I print it on 2 sides instead of having so many pages and I agreed to try it. That is how he missed the one side of the brochure...it already had 2 sides and he missed the one
This is the box full of books I already put together and I had 33 finished. I am going back tomorrow to make him fix the things he messed up and then I can come home and take the 33 I had finished apart and do them all over again plus the other 17 I didn't finish. I found 13 black binders I had from a few years ago and thought I would try them and see how they look. I kind of like them with the bright green pages with black print.
Some will be done in white and then 13 in black and they will be going to the book signing at the fund raiser dinner and silent auction Saturday night. I hope I sell all of them as I owe the print shop over $500.00 right now. He did not give me a discount even though I saved him 300 pieces of copy paper..I still had to pay for every one that was printed...but maybe I am helping to save a tree
This is how they look with the 2 different colors for the binders. Which one do you think looks best. I did purchase a real pale Canary Yellow for the next batch and I am thinking about buying the black binders for it but not sure. I will let you all know how it goes after the fund raiser is over, Sat is also our Labs 3rd B D and we always have a dog party when one of them have a B D so there will be a small dish of sugar free ice cream and maybe a cookie for all of them this Sat. Have to be careful with to many treats now since vet said 3 of them need to loose weight. Would be easier for them to get exercise if they wouldn't jump the fence and then they could run around in the yard and get some exercise ..For sure the next house (this summer) will have a 6ft high fence


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

You are just going to town lady...I like the new green color and I'm partial to the white binder.

Goodness I know the steps you went through to bind these.
We did this for a genealogy book I did a few years ago...our books had 216 pages and we did 80 of them.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

You go girl ~ your books are amazing!!!
It really looks like you put a lot of work into them and it shows!
I really like the white binder with the green.
Good Luck at the fundraiser ~ hope you sell lots!
Happy BD to your baby!!!
We give our dogs special treats on their BD too!
Prim Blessings