Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Shelter & A Great Strawberry Dessert

Billy loves Strawberries so I thought I would try the recipe from Vanna White today that is in my cook book. I cut the recipe in half and even shared 2 dishes with our Landlord and his wife. I did change it from frozen strawberries to fresh ones and added some sugar so there would be some juice in them. I made 6 dishes like this and a coffee cup full from just 1/2 of the recipe. Doesn't it look yummy. Is is kind of fun to make something that a celebrity makes for her family :)This is the outside area at the shelter where the dogs can go out to any time they want. Door is always open on days with nice weather
This was taken inside and there is a wall that goes up real high to where the dogs and cats stay. The Ladies from the shelter were busy making baskets for the silent auction and there was a very nosy kitty that wanted to see what they were doing. Can you see him way up on the top of the wall ...just his little head is showing
This is where each Dog has it's own pen and the doors are open so they can go in and out as they please
This Little guy is kind of scared of people so who knows what kind of life he had before he came to the shelter..I had to follow him outside to get this picture...he was afraid of me getting to close.
This is the other little Girl Dog and I can't remember what breed they are called. The Boy dog in the picture above this one is her best friend and if anyone wanted to adopt them they would have to take them both. They are like Husband and wife and the shelter will not separate them. If I had the room I would have taken them so they could just live in a forever home and never be separated or lonesome again
And then of course there is Sophie who loves to be in someones lap
They took all the donations and made them into gift baskets which I think was a great idea. They have some wonderful items and I might just have to bid on one of them
It was hard to get Sophie to stand still long enough to take her picture. She is the sweetest little Dog and can't be still for 30 seconds. I hope she will someday go to a home that will play with her and hold her a lot like we do with our dogs :)
This is the shelter I will be selling my cook books to donate to this month. I hope I sell all the cook books I have made up so I can write them a big check. The dinner and auction are Sat night.
Any cook books that are sold this month will have a portion of the proceeds go to help support this shelter. So if you decide to buy your cook book this month you will be buying a OOAK cook book and will also be helping this shelter. They make great Mother's Day gifts and I have never seen a cook book like this anywhere. It has 86 recipes (plus I added 3 and Nellie added 1) makes a total of 90 from over 60 celebrities. You can click on the picture of cook book on side bar to order and for more information :)

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