Monday, April 23, 2012

Follow your Gut in stinks when doing Anything. That is what I should have done for the fund raiser for the Pet Shelter. I was thinking about bringing 10 (at the most) cook books to sell and then when I asked them how many I should bring they said 50. They said they have always had 200 people show up for the dinner and silent auction. So I ordered 50 cook books from print shop to be printed and I gave him $100.00 deposit from my previous sales. I still owe him $435.00 and did not sell one cook book at their function. The 50 I had printed are printed on both sides even though once again my gut told me to do them each on a separate page. I have letters included from Celebrities that included them in the book and also photos of the ones that sent them.
If anyone would like to order a cook book (or more since I do combine shipping) please let me know through my link to my selling blog on my right side bar.
I am still trying to stay positive and trying to not be so depressed but it is really hard to do that since we are on a fixed income from SS. Is this some kind of a sign that I should quit trying to be kind to others and especially to pet shelters???
The little dog I posted a picture of "Sophie" has been adopted and the people have a young girl that adopted her. I hope it works out for Sophie since she is a very active dog and loves to be held. I only met her twice and will miss seeing her if I do make a trip back to the shelter. (Maybe I should just not visit any more shelters)
The 50 books I had published have a green cover --- 13 of them have a black binder and the rest are White. I did have to put them together myself on my little hand machine. There is a knob that has to be turned to open the binders and for some reason it was very hard to turn and when I had 33 of them put together and found a mistake the printer made on 2 pages I had to go back and have the pages printed right. So that means I actually had to put 83 cook books together and that little dial I had to turn made my arm and shoulder hurt (fibro) so it did take me a few days to get 50 of them made.
Like I said..should I just give up on trying to help sheltered pets??? I just don't know what to do. 
Maybe tomorrow will not be such a gloomy day and I can come up with some other ways to sell 50 cook books


Country Gal said...

Never give up . Rome wasnt built in a day ! I am so sorry to hear none got sold so much work you have put into it. Have you tryed to sell them at pet stores or even ask if you could or at coffee shops, tea houses anywhere , I am sure you can sell them some where tons of people would love the cookbooks and to know proceeds go to an animal shelter , try at the shelter its self I am sure the staff would love your cook book and know it also helps them look after their animals ! Just a few suggestions ! Good luck and remember never give up cause if you give up you give up on the animals !

nancy huggins said...

There are no pet stores in this area and no little coffee shops. Town here is mostly little gift stores and planning to take a trip tomorrow and see if they can give me any leads. I did leave a copy at the only fabric store near here and he taped a flyer I made to his counter where everyone can see it.
I know if I was back up North (plans are to move back this summer) I would have more resources ...Selling them 1 at a time is O K but I would rather sit at a table somewhere and sell 5 or more at a time which is what I will try and do when we get back up there. I am also going to be making up some pet baskets to sell at shows. I would like to get the print shop paid though A S A P

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Gosh Nancy, I wish I had an answer for you...I just don't know enough about fund raisers.

How about going to a local craft show like at schools / churches and see if you can sell there...people always love to support animal shelters that go to the churches especially.


nancy huggins said...

They don't start here until Sept and plans are for us to move back up north this summer. I have been leaving them in stores and mailing a few to places that might get orders and of course that is money out of my pocket. I will just keep trying to think of something else to do. Thank you for the suggestions..they would work if it was fall. I have a newspaper in WI that said she would do a story about it..will see if that helps.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

OOps..Yep you should have stuckw ith your instincts and only taken 10..Sorr to hear that you didn't sell any of them.. Wish I could help but I'm just not a cook book person and I'm probably broker then you right now..

don't give up going to shelters the real point is to be supportive of the anamils.. if you make a buck selling your cook books that's wonderful but never give up on the Fur baby's and selters.

Guess maybe it is time to move forward and work on something new. the good lord will take care of selling your cook books for you!