Friday, January 13, 2012


I am on a Mission and so far things are going O K...I am selling on ebay and doing O K and I am also marking EVERYTHING down in my selling blog to cost and sometimes less. I have a goal set to raise about $700.00 or more by July 20th so Billy and I and all 6 fur-babies can go home. I really didn't think I had 1 more move in me but with Health issues now I just would feel better being close to Family and Friends.My goal is also to down size all of the crafts I have sitting here in bins to lighten the load
I am adding and lowering a lot of things every day in my blog and the pin cushions that I started out selling for $8.00 I have now marked down to $2.00 and once their gone ...their gone. I have also marked down ALL my Market Bags and Veggie bags. I do have some plans to make NEW things this year and also working daily on my second edition for my cook book of recipes from Famous Celebrities. It took me about a year and almost 600 letters to publish the First edition. I am not a patient person and am a little wiser this time (plus all I had in 1992 was my typewriter). I do have the computer now but I know for a fact that you have to write personal letters by snail mail to Celebrities and then hope the Secretary that opens the mail doesn't just pitch it in the trash. With that being said I do have fingers crossed and am saying prayers.
I always donate to a worthy cause when I sell things like this and my goal this time is to donate part of the profit to P A W S in Chicago. They are a wonderful rescue site and even my Pups like them. My DD got the T Shirt at one of their Marathons and gave it to me
Maggie and Calli both like wearing my T shirt more than the dog coats I made them. So...check out my selling blog when you have time and come back often as I will be adding items and marking down more items until everything is gone. So far this month I have managed to save $80.00 and that isn't bad.
Anyone that buys $20.00 or more from my selling blog will have a free gift included in their package. Thank you to all of you that have encouraged me and am following my progress.
I am still working on writing my book also and my Daughter "Nellie" will be checking it out and making a lot of corrections I'm sure as soon as she has time (maybe by the end of the month) and then I will start chapter 4 and 5 and send to her again. The book is taking a little longer than I hoped for but I do need her help and she is a writer so what could be better.


Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

Good luck with your mission..I am sure you will reach your goal..

Patty Sumner said...

Blessings on thinning down all your stuff. It looks like you have some great things to sell. I hope all goes well with your book too. Blessings!

Mrs. JP said...

I like your goal. This afternoon I plan to visit your store. I just wanted to drop by and thank for visiting our blog.
Blessings to you this day...