Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got em Done

These are most of the quilts I spent a lot of time on last year. It is really kind of funny because Billy did help me a lot with laying them out and he also clipped every one of the raggy ones. He thought this was an order I had for a friend for after Christmas and he laid out the design and even mentioned how he liked the way I put the back on. I did not have the heart to make him clip his own quilt and this one was traditional. I used a lot of Corduroy and some civil war prints. He was very surprised when he opened it on Christmas morning. Most of my pictures are not good at all. They were all taken with my cell phone and I did ask my kids to take a picture and email to me....well you know how that goes.
This is Billy's quilt laid out on full size bed in guest room before I wrapped it. I used a mattress pad inside this one in the middle. It is real long and he lets it hang down on the floor when he sits in recliner to watch T V and that is where 2 dogs are always laying.This is the quilt that I spent the most time on for my #1 son Dan. I just knew he would like the Cross with the hills and the sky
The blue fabric was clouds and the green was trees and the cross print fabric kind of looked like wood. I did stitch his name in the top right but it doesn't show in the pictures
I bought some fabric with cute Angel like print and each one had a Bible Verse. I appliqued 3 on the black boarder on each side
My friend Dani stitched the pieces of fabric that was for the boarder on the top and bottom. The top says "On A Hill Far Away" and on the bottom is stitched ...Stood an old rugged cross
He Loves his quilt and since he is kind of big I made it big enough for him to use in the sleeper in the semi that he drives over the road
This quilt is for Dan's wife Brenda and yes ..I know I made a mistake with 2 of the same print together OPPS
I did emb the name and from me on each quilt and Brenda's was a print that was like a Hawaiian trip and I made the same print for my GD that is their Oldest DD Amanda
This one is all purple prints and was for Jessica son Dan's 16 yr old DD
She loves purple so she was very happy with her quilt
This picture does not show the print on this quilt that I made for my #3 son has a nature outdoor print
He did send me a better picture and he does this every year. He texts me a picture of him with the gifts I sent to him to thank me :)
This quilt was for Jean...Jim's wife and you really can't tell that it has print that has really pretty birds mixed with solid dk blue squares
My GS tried to send me a better picture but it is kind of hard to see the print in his picture too
I forgot to take a picture of GS Nick's quilt so he took this one and sent it. His print has Trees and Black Bears. His was also traditional and not raggy
This is the quilt I made for #6 son Mark and has a lot of fishing and other nature print
Like I said..My cell phone just didn't get good pictures
This is a very similar print for Marks wife Kelly
This is a Dog prints quilt for Marks oldest Daughter Ashley
Ashley called me and was squealing to tell me how much she loved the quilt
My stitching is not very good but it is for sure they can all tell that I did it myself :)
This one is for GD Jennifer and has kitty print and some chenille and some corduroy squares and is extra warm since she gets cold so easy
This is the one I made that tore up my sewing machine because I used a nice warm blanket in the middle and it was too thick for my Viking machine..I did the rest of them with a different machine made by Singer and very durable..thank goodness
This one is mostly tans and brown and has some nature type prints and made for son #4 Troy
I made a real nice one for Troys oldest son and had some print with Dale Earnheart but couldn't find the picture I took and of course he never remembered to send me one
This one was for my youngest GS "Gavin" and he likes bright colors and fish. I did it a little different and made some of the blocks into a 9 patch which of course made it even more work
I think all the raggy quilts will last much longer than if I made them all traditional..I hope so because I do not plan on making them any again
This one was for #7 son "Lonnie" and he loves anything to do with John Deere. He always knows that he will be getting something from me that has to do with John Deer
I did have a square that a friend had emb a tractor on so that is the 1 I used to stitch his name on :)
Lonnie's wife "Angie" Loves anything that has to do with the Beach so of course all the prints in hers have a Beach theme
Just can't see how nice it really looks in this picture
This is another one that was a LOT of work because I got the bright idea to put a thermal blanket inside and even put pieces of batting in the middle. It is for my DD "Nellie" and it does get really cold in Chicago. She Loves colors and prints like this
This is one I made from Homespun and denim and even sewed denim pockets to hold whatever you needed while laying on the couch to watch T V. I sold this one to someone and they gave it to 11 yr old boy and he was very impressed with the pockets
This one has all the same print with Horses and is all flannel on the top. Another one that I sold to someone to give to a young girl that Loves Horses and has 1.
This one is mostly Americana prints with red and blue theme. I sold this one at the craft show I was in last November
This one has Owl prints and I gave it to a friend and told her that Owls are supposed to bring Good Luck. She loves to lay in front of the fireplace and cover up with it to watch T V
All of my quilts have flannel on the back or in the middle. They are light weight but cozy


Hillcresthome Prims said...

ALL your quilts are BEAUTIFUL and for Hubby to help you lay it out, sounds like what my hubby would do.
I wish I could make those kind of quilts the are very popular now. I sa ALL the quilts and you even stitched Love Nana or Love Mom.
That is a gift that keeps giving!
It is a treasure!!

Stay warm in you quilts.

Denise said...

You have been a busy woman... your quilts are wonderful and such a wonderful way to be remembered.. I need to finish three this year but not sure if i will make it.. I lost the entire year of 2011 to depression.. I am hoping I get something done this year.... I have finished remodeling my shop so time to get busy.... I am in agreeance with you regarding FB.. I do not do any of the games and really am not on there much.. I too am hoping to make new friends in the blog. I need to go in and delete all the ones that are not posting any more.. sure hate to lose some of them but life is like that...... Have a wonderful day and happy quilting...

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Oh my word, Nancy! You were one busy lady last year! Love all the quilts and I'm sure there were a lot of happy receivers! How will you ever top all those wonderful gifts!?!? ~~Annie

annie said...

Those are wonderful quilts, so much work, but they can keep them always, stitched with your love!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilts! I told mom about your quilts on here and she smiled and said you do great work...I agree!
My favorite one is Billy's. Big Smile...wink...wink..hint. :) Absolutely LOVE your creative work!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a loving and memory making thing to do! These beautiful quilts will be loved for many years and your memory will be with them! blessings,Kathleen

ByLightOfMoon said...

Your quilts are beautiful Nancy, lots of hard work I can see. You know they will be loved for many years. I love my quilts also, my Mother mainly made wall hangings that I am still finding spaces to hang. I thought of my ceiling upstairs as it is not finished. I could collage it with fabric, pictures, posters, etc. I can sure go through a box of nails here fast.
Smiles, cyndi

Happy Valley Primitives said...

Wow Nancy! What an incredible amount of work in all of those beautiful quilts. I, too, love making frayed edge quilts! Thanks so much for following my blog now...I am so glad to meet you and make a new friend here online!


Angie Berry said...

Wow, wow, wow!! Now that is A LOT of work!! I'm sure each and every recipient was very happy with their quilt. Hand made gifts are the best to give and receive. Your family is so fortunate that you love them enough to spend so many hours on them! =]

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the beach prints you used in one of them! They are all so beautiful and look like they would be very warm! I've enjoyed seeing what you make, my friend! I would love to learn to quilt! ♥