Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am on a MISSION
Went through the 2 boxes I had full of papers and recipes from when I published my first edition and found a few that I forgot I had. Some of the celebrities sent me autographed photos and some sent real nice letters and of course they will all be in the cook book. I really liked this brochure that I got from Roy and DaleThis is a very good Chicken recipe I have in first edition from George Strait
The one I got from the Cousteau Society is from Captain Cousteau's D I L Jean Michel's wife and is also in the first edition
I love the recipe for the Banana Pudding from Dolly Parton but it makes enough to feed an Army
Mary Kay is now deceased but she did send a nice Letter with her picture (also in first edition)
Bill Cosby sent me an autographed picture with a recipe and I forgot I had it so it will have to go in 2nd edition
And Paul Anka is one of my favorite singers from long ago :)
I will be going to print shop tomorrow to get a few copies made that I need right away and also to find out a price for running copies for all the recipes that I need copies of plus all the new ones.
I am ready to start round 2 and it is a very long process to find the addresses of celebrities and most of them now all have agents and I think it depends on who opens the mail as to weather or not you will get a reply.
When I wrote to Oprah 20 years ago they actually send me a refusal letter saying she didn't have time. The way I look at it they could have opened a cook book and copied something she likes and mailed it for the same postage it cost them to send refusal letter.
I am NOT a patient person but I have no choice but to just keep busy while I wait (kind of like giving birth) you have no choice but to wait. There are some recipes that are definitely my favorites but I am happy to have them all.
Dave Thomas is no longer with us but he did send me a letter with his favorite Wendy's meal and he signed it.
I am not that crazy about the recipe I got from Benny Hill but he did hand write it on the back of his photo that he autographed.
Hard for me to fall asleep at night because my head is spinning with so many things. I just reduced all the prices on my Soap and Pin Cushions in my selling blog and will be marking down all the totes and some other things soon. I thought I would go outside today and take pictures since it was supposed to be nice out but then it rained all day so maybe I can do it tomorrow.
Between lowering the prices of my hand made items to cost or less, plus my cook book...selling on ebay and craigslist ,then having a Garage sale in April or May I think I can raise enough $$ for one more move. I just need to be closer right now to my DD and other family and my friends :)


Angie Berry said...

Wow! Lots of neat things you have!! Best wishes on this. I know you are putting in lots of time and energy, I hope it does well for you!

nancy huggins said...

I'm sure in my mind that I just might take longer than I wanted it to :)

Hillcresthome Prims said...

You can do this, I love your blog and really enjoy this post alot. I love recipes. I always forget to tell you I love your two white beautiful furbabies I see on the rights side of your blog.
We have 3 poodles, we love or furbabies, 2 boys and 1 gorl and I call her Mama's girl, Ms. Priss,,her real name is Marissa.
We would have only have tow but when my Mom(MIL) passed 3 years ago I took care of her for 4 years when she got sick(we were like Mother and Daughter)she had Koko and before she passed she told my husband her son and I to take Koko because my FIL wouldn't be able to care for Koko and my FIL was happy about that!
Your girls are beautiful, sorry I talked so much!

Have a blessed day, it is raining ans snowing here at the same tiem.
Last year in this small country town in Mass, we had 81 inches of snow last year, so this is strange not to even have a couple of inches, less to shovel, after hubby realized our snow blower is broken, GGGRRRR!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Goodness Nancy...what treasures.
How could you
This is going to be one FANTASTIC cookbook.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You're tough and determined.
That's a winning combination.
Keep us updated!