Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today when Billy went out to get the mail I saw him trying to hide a box under his arm but my friend already told me that she tracked a package she mailed me and it was supposed to be here today. It was small but really heavy and I was really surprised when I opened it to see this press that you use when you cook Bacon. I have wanted one for a long time and never could find one. My friend Karol said she was in the Mall and went to the kitchen store and saw it there. It is really kind of cute too with the pig and says "Bacon Press"Thank you Karol..Just in time for us to cook B L T sandwiches tomorrow
My dining room table is consumed with putting cook books together and I still have 49 from my first edition that I never got put together
Inside page and list of all the Celebrities that I have recipes for ..I will be changing that and adding to it
This is my information about the Author (ME) and I did change it from the first edition
While the stack is waiting I am getting more letters written to put in the mail. It is a lot of work but very rewarding. I will have to start over with printing for the second edition but I have 49 that will be ready as soon as I get some more recipes. I am shooting for the end of Feb (Nellie's
B D) to have enough to finish it. I will be doing a special for the ones I have mostly printed (49) and will sell them for $22.00 and then when I have to buy all new supplies I will have to raise the price. The first place I will be donating to is P A W S no kill Shelter in Chicago. I am hoping to be able to go to their rescue some time when I go to visit Nellie. Hope I can handle seeing all the sad faces. But like I said if I ever come into a ton of money I will have my own rescue.
Because I am a believer in one of my Grandmothers favorite sayings "The Lord Will Provide" I feel that 2012 may be a very good year for me. When ever she ran into problems and power co would shut her electric off and my Dad would ask her "What are you going to do" She would always say "The Lord Will Provide" and it always happened ..... the next day she would get a ck in the mail for a sewing job or from her stocks from Sears...It has always proven true. Since I am doing as many things as I can to save up so we can move back up farther North and be a little closer to Nellie and some of the boys. So when I got a late Christmas card in the mail today from my Aunt and Uncle that are in their late 80's and not in good health and it had a ck for $50.00 in it.... I just knew..That will go into the moving fund .... I still have a long way to go but I have Faith that I will do good with my next cook book and also sell a lot of things around the house and in the Garage. Plus I will be marking down all my hand made items to cost on a lot of them. Will lighten the load and put some cash in my moving fund. Plans are to move on July 20th (and our anniv is the 21st)
I have 65 letters so far to Celebrities and will keep working on them over the week end. I am very anxious to see who will send the first 1. :)


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Nancy, you 'will' and 'determination' is just so encouraging.
I pray that you will get the results you want with the letters to the celebrities and that you sell tons of books.
You are a blessing.

Carmen C. said...

Good luck with everything Nancy and it seems like you just moved, LOL, I can remember the moving truck getting stuck in the yard:O Have a great day!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy...sounds like you are on a mission girl...I cvan totally understand wanting to move closer to the kids but kinda sad after you and Billy put all that work into the new place and you have such great landlord. Seemed like you were just getting settled in..
Good luck with your Cook Book!