Sunday, January 22, 2012


The weather was really bad in Chicago on Thursday night and they were forecasting up to 8" of snow for Friday. My DD Nellie" was in a panic thinking her show that she worked so hard to produce would be cancelled. Well she had a Full House in spite of the nasty Chicago weather (70 tickets) Most all of the other shows in Chicago were cancelled as were the schools closed every where. I am very proud of my Daughter for reaching most of her dreams and goals.

There is no secret to success, just commitment and know-how. Success is based on hidden opportunities. Many of these opportunities lie right before our eyes and once we learn how to recognize them we can set our goals. The people who help you realize your dreams are one of life's most valuable assets
.Nellie was in the Drama club in High School and I remember baking the Brownies for them to sell during a play many times. Nellie never wanted to be an actress but enjoyed planning the set and helping with the lighting.
She also loved writing and wrote for the school newspaper and also wrote for the newspaper in College. She took every class she could including "Voice Over's" which is when you see a cartoon with a duck or something talking and it is someone doing voice overs. She did very well in that class and when the instructor called her with her grades he was in awe at how great she did. Then he asked her where she lived which of course was in the suburbs. He said "Nellie" ..You need to move to Chicago. At that time she was a Nanny which she really enjoyed also. Well with that being said she started planning to make the move to Chicago.
Once she moved to Chicago and still enjoyed being a Nanny she just started working towards her goals. She started out with small newspapers and even a few magazines and helped with comedy shows and also some shows that would help with pet shelters and whatever else came her way. She walked in marathons and did whatever it took.
Well...her persistence is paying off. She now produces her own shows and her production company name is " Youngest Child"...which fits her to a "T" being the only girl and youngest of 9.
The name for her shows is Atomic- Comics Masters of the Universe and they are held at Maynestage Theatre in Chicago

This is where her show was held on Friday night. Has the name of her show in LIGHTS :)

I guess there is something to be said for encouraging a child when they love to write little poems and give them to you so never ignore the things your child Loves to do.
I will be very happy if we are able to save up so we can move farther North and maybe even be able to go to some of Nellie's Shows
Nellie produces her own shows...helps with other shows..She is still a Nanny and enjoys that and she still does writing for a few papers.
Hopefully things will slow down a little bit for her soon and she can help me edit the book I am working on writing.
Nellie helped me reach my goal 20 years ago when she was just 12 years old with her help publishing the first edition of my cook book. My goal now is to be able to publish it again and add a second edition so I can once again help pet shelters and maybe have a small extra income too.
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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Nancy,
What a wonderful tribute to your daughter's success and diligence...and yours too for being her mother and standing behind/beside her all the way.
Bless her heart for her persistence and doing what she LOVES.
Continued success for her.
And for you too with your endeavor...I just may have to purchase one of your cookbooks.


Patty Sumner said...

Wow, what a story. Your daughters determination and hardwork definitely paid off. I bet you were so proud to see her show in lights. Blessings to you and your daughter. Keep pursuing what you love.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Congratulations to Nellie!
And to you and Billie! Such a proud thing for parents! Just awesome!!!!

Nellie said...

Thanks, everyone!

papel1 said...

Wow what a great story about Nellie. She sounds like a very accomplished person.

Angie Berry said...

How wonderful and exciting that must be! Congratulations to Nellie! And good for you in nurturing those dreams of hers, that's wonderful. You should definitely be one proud mom! =]