Monday, December 19, 2011


Hi everyone..My name is Maggie (I am the black one) and my sister Calli is Brown and we just lay on the couch and wish we could go out and run and play or maybe even ride in the car and I will get to see some cows. No one can figure out why I Love to see Cows but I do...almost as much fun as getting loose and taking off for a run in the woods for an hour or so. That makes Mom mad and then Dad has to get his jacket on and go look for me. One night I had a lot of fun and it was real dark out and I was gone for 4 hours and I heard Mom tell Dad that she was worried because if I went in the road I could get run over by a car or truck because they wouldn't be able to see a Black dog when it was so black out. Well we live very rural and there is lots of Farms and Tractors and even some Cows and I Love it when they take me for a ride to see the Cows. They will only take me if I am being good so I guess I better be good for a while I like to put my head between Mom and Dad when we are riding so I can look for cows. There is this thing between the seats and I like to put my front feet on it (of coutse they put the back seat down so all 4 of us fur babies have room) and it is kid of slippery on that thing and I fell a few times when Dad went around a curve so Mom put a king size pillow there for me so I wouldn't slip (and I heard her tell Dad that she didn't want my nails to scratch it) but now if he comes to a curve I just lean over on Mom and she pushes me off and tells me I am a big Galoute and to heavy. I just keep forgetting

Well one time they even pulled over so I could see the Cows better and I told Calli to come and look...I think she likes them to but not as much as I do
Today we saw a farm with a whole bunch of Cows and I was so excited I couldn't stop looking

Then Bianca (that is one of my little white American Eskimo sisters) started barking at the cows and she scared them and they were all running....There must have been 100 of them and even some cute little baby Cows
I wish they would come closer to the fence so I could see them better and I wish Mom and Dad would buy me a Cow (maybe I will ask Santa for my own Cow) and keep it in the yard so I could look out the window and see it all the time. They said they don't have shelter for a Cow and it couldn't just stay out in the cold and rain and snow all the it would cost more to feed a Cow than it costs to feed me. I sure don't want to give up any of my food or treats so I guess I will just have to be happy taking a ride to see them. I just don't understand why Bianca and Annie and most of the time Calli too just lay down in the back of the car and enjoy a ride. I am much smarter than most people know because when Mom or Dad see a farm coming up with Cows they says "Cows Maggie ...on the Right..or on the Left" and I look out tha back window on the side they said to see them. I am pretty smart...don't ya think?

I guess I will just ask Santa for a HUGE raw hide chew and maybe a rope toy for Christmas insted of my own Cow. I bet Mom and Dad can afford to pay Santa for something like that huh?
Isn't this just the most Beautiful thing you ever saw...a field full of Cows? Well I think it is so you can just call me the Black Lab that Loves Cows (and I do like the Black Cows the most)


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Nancy,
This has to be the most creative and precious post EVER....I looooved it.
Made me smile and I actually felt like Maggie was telling the

Thank you so much for this special treat.

MERRY CHRISTMAS MAGGIE, I hope you get what you asked for!

papel1 said...

I thought sharing a picture of Casper was good enough on my blog but she did not tell a story. That was very creative Nancy, you should write books or maybe for a magazine. My nephew growing up near here would see cows in the field and say those are My Cows. Well he is 18 now and does own some cows that graze on his parents land. I love cows too, at a distance.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE Maggie! My favorite picture is Maggie and Callie looking out the window. The fact that Maggie has a thing about cows just cracks me up. Merry Christmas Maggie's Family Much love from Texas.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Cute Story Nancy...You're just gona have to make her a stuffed Cow of her own or buy one at GW.. I see them all the time in the stuffed animal section...Wonder what she would do if she had a big old cow pillow...

Merry Christmas my Friend may your home and your heart be filled with many warm Christmas memories!!

Hugs & Blessings

Pam at Antique or Not said...

That story is just too cute, Nancy! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I wonder all the time what's going on inside my kitty-cats' heads. Obviously you have the same problem! LOL