Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Nellie got here on the train on Fri at noon and we went to Wendy's to get something to eat and then we went to $ tree and WM for last minute gifts. She waits until she gets here to buy gifts for us and then she doesn't have to haul them on the train.She left on Monday about 6 P M and it was just luck that my oldest son happended to be coming down on his way to AL to see his Father. We were able to meet up with him right before Nellie got on the train to go home. We were able to visit with him for a few minutes and I was able to see my GD that I havn't seen in about 3 years
I decided to give the pups a special treat this year and found a 3 ft rawhide chew and Maggie didn't want to share so Billy took it in the garage and cut it in half. She chewed so much on it Christmas day that it wore her out and she spent all night sleeping on the couch and didn't go in the bedroom to lay in her own bed (Calli also slept on the couch) All the dogs Love rawhide chews but not as much as Maggie as you can see
It was kind of cute because Nellie put 2 I O U's in mine and Billy's stocking to give Dogg's a bath and of course I used them on Monday before she left. She also gave me a haircut and cleaned a lot of junk out of my computer and she signed me up for Google Chrome. Now I am having a hard time getting used to it...a lot different than IE. I also got a new camera and am having problems with the different settings to take different pictures and then finding them after I upload them so it may take me a while before I can take some really good pictures
I had a nice cover on the couch so the dogs wouldn't get their muddy paws on the couch but that is almost a lost cause
Billy enjoyed opening his gifts from me and Nellie and I enjoyed mine also but I think it was more fun watching Nellie open hers. We got her a lot of little things from $ tree and she just kept asking me "Where did you get this" We got her some slippers and a nice hoodie sweat shirt and a robe ..some boots and some gift cards so she can buy some things she wants. Got her a $25.00 gift card for Target and $20.00 gift card for Pizza Hut and a $10.00 card for Burger King. It was a nice Christmas even if we didn't put up a tree. The house was decorated with other things and Billy had lights up all around the fence out in front
Then I made Nellie a raggy quilt in her favorite colors and 1 for Billy also. Now since the dogs like laying on his where it touches the floor when he sits in his recliner I decided to make each dog a small quilt and 1 for each of the cats but I will be taking my time on these. I made a total of 28 quilts this past year and am not real anxious to start more
I had to go back to the eye Dr today and they have to make me a new pair of glasses since these are not right. It is almost impossible for me to see pictures to upload them on here and they will have my new glasses ready about Jan 4th and I hope they work this time. Nellie bought me a good book for Christmas and I can't even read it. When we were pulling out of the driveway we stopped to get our mail out of mail box and it was kind of funny. Our LL lives kitty corner from us and there was a card from them.It wasn't a belated Christmas card but was a Thank You card..It said "Bill and Nancy, Thank you for all the goodies you sent up here, they sure were good. To start the new year we would like to take $50.00 off the Jan rent ck.Thank you for being good neighbors & Happy New Year" Billy has helped him a few times and when I bake or make fudge I send some up to them. His wife has the onset of dementia so I went up there and took her little pieces of fabric to show her how to make a raggy runner and then when the sewing machine he bought her didn't work I tokk one of mine up there for her to use until hers got fixed. I know it must be hard for her since she used to be an avid sewer and now has a hard time remembering things. It was nice to know how much they appreciated the little things we did.
I may not be posting again until after I get my new glasses and I sure hope they work better than the ones I have now....Hope all of you have a Great New Year


Debra said...

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas!
Hopr the new glasses work for you!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Nancy...what a fun Christmas.
So glad you got to see your kiddos...and what luck to have them at the same time at one point.
Very pretty rag quilt!
Have wonderful New Year and I hope these new glasses work super for you.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a nice Christmas all of you had!! I enjoyed it all.. and your dog pictures, and the ones below are precious!! (wow, that's one big rawhide chew) Happy New Year! -Tammy

papel1 said...

You again have written a nice newsy post. I love your photos and if its your new camera it is working fine. I think the dogs love your house and the holidays. You sure do have a nice landlord, neighbor. Time for me to take down the decorations.

Patty Sumner said...

Nancy it sounds as if you are taken full advantage of those everyday opportunities. I love the dogs. I have a choc lab in the house. We got him as a rescue and he lived outside for a few years but is now taking over inside. I love him. He is such a protector and good company. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. Following and will be back. Patty