Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hanging in there

I told you all that I was going to be selling at a craft sale not far from here on Nov 12th...well we went and set everything up the night before and I did not lift one thing..Then we had to be there about 7:30 A M and it was kind of slow at first since they were having a pancake breakfast but then things picked up.
I was sitting on a hard chair and kept getting up and walking around and I could feel it coming. The sale was supposed to last until 12:30 but the pain kicked in and I had to pack up at 11:30 and by the time I got home all I could do was sit in the recliner or go to bed and it has lasted ever since. It is only in my neck now and I am living on pain pills and just looking around at all the things I want to do and can't. Well tonight the pain pills kicked in at 9:30 P M so I decided to stay up and try to get the quilt finished for my oldest son. I did succeed and now Billy will clip it and then it goes in the washer and dryer. I will post a picture when it is done. In the mean time poor Billy had to do everything and he even got the kitchen painted in time for my DD Nellie and her friend to come for a short visit. The kitchen was a disgusting yucky yellow that went out of style in the 60's and I chose Barn Red for the new color and I love it. I actually bought Barn paint and it covered pretty easy

We still might do a back splash with tile but haven't had a chance to go and look for any yet. I have also been picking up things at Garage sales and thrift stores to go with my decor of Chickens and Roosters
This is the wall over the washer and dryer and I like the way it looks now
This is the wall on the left side of my back door and the little white cabinet also opens up and has hooks to hang keys and the picture of the Chicken is painted on a slate tile
This is just a small wall on the right side of the door that goes into the dining room. I got the cute little wood thing with a towel rod on the bottom at the thrift store for $1.00 and it has a little girl that is hand painted and she is collecting eggs from the nest and putting them in a basket. The towel has a stitched piece of muslin sewed on to homespun that has been primmed .... Linda stitched for me and I love it...There is a story about the coffee can that I will tell in another post in the future
This is just a corner that is on the right side of the bathroom wall and the left side of doorway going into the dining room with some more of my finds at thrift store and Garage sales

This is the corner wall on right side of back door and just to the left of washing machine. I have my old spice containers on it with a cute little mouse I made a few years ago. It has one of my favorite dish towells hanging on a rod on the bottom. Afriend of mine (Gayle) stitched this for me with a clothes line and clothes hanging on it. Great job of appliquing I would say. What a perfect place to hang it near the washer and dryer :)
My Daughter Nellie and her friend Erica drove down from Chicago on Fri the 18th until Sunday the 20th and my LL Fred took us out in the woods behind his house to show us the neat little Cabin that his nephew and friends built. They use it a lot and sleep in it when they are Deer hunting
There is a stocked pond out in the front of the cabin and the girls took a walk out there to check it out
They weren't to impressed with the bathroom facilities but Fred said they were going to be adding a bathroom soon...the kind that is like when you are running water in this cabin This is their source of heat stacked on the back porch
This is the wood burner that is used for heat and it is very warm and cozy and comfortable inside. They have bottled big jugs of water but also have a gas tank outside with bottled gas to use the gas stove and they have gas lights. They have get togethers in the cabin year round and have some pretty nice Breakfasts
Billy took the girls for a ride to see the covered bridge near here and then they took a walk in the woods behind our house and they actually got lost but they did finally find their way back. He also took them for a ride to see the Damm in Shelbyville. They were ready to just hang out on the couch and watch a little T V when they got back. Was a good get away from Chicago to Mode with population of 50. We had lots of goodies cooked before they got here and of course some of their favorite meals...Nellie especially likes breakfast the way her Dad makes it for her. Bacon and eggs with grits and Texas Toast. I was not able to do much at all but it all worked out O K and Nellie will come home again for a few days over Christmas. Billy was able to also get the Guest room painted and different things hung up in there. I decided to move all my prim things out of the sewing room and into the guest room. Now I call it a Museum :)

Maggie got up on the couch when Nellie left and watched out the window for almost 2 hours waiting for them to come back...The 4 dogs all loved having company and the extra attention.

It is now 3:30 A M and about time to go to bed. I had to wait this late because the pain was almost gone tonight...hopefully it will stay gone so I can get some more done tomorrow and maybe post some new pictures in my selling blog of things I will be offering 40% off on so check back to see some items you might be able to use for some of your Christmas gifts :)


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy..sorry to hear U are still under the weather I hope things start getting better soon.

The kitchen looks great ...Great job on the open faced Spice Cupboard gathering looks fantastic...I think you are ready to create gatherings to sell...

Feel better soon!!


Loretta said...

Hello Nancy, what a nice post! your kitchen looks so good with that barn red paint and the accessories are really pretty! I just found you on google search and really love your blog! I am your new follower! Please stop by to visit with us and become our follower too...I would love having you join us to share your creativity with our family of friends.

Hugs and Best Wishes,