Saturday, December 3, 2011


Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year for most of us but then I hear about someone that isn't so lucky. I have a freind that is the CEO of her own health company and there is a young Dad that works part time for her that has 4 Children. He works 3 jobs and also goes to school to get a better job. He and his wife bought what they thought was a nice older home and would have room for his 4 Children. It turned out to be a Money Pit and they are actually only able to use part of the house. I don't want to boar you with a long post but here is how it is...He had a little money saved up for his kids for Christmas but they are about to run out of oil for heat plus he is going to have to buy a beater car since he is loosing his job that has a company car. I don't know how far $535.00 will get him to do that but it means no Christmas for the little ones. My friend and I are trying to get some stuff together for the kids and maybe even something little for Mom and Dad. They have an 11 yr old boy...twin 4 year old girls and a 2 year old boy. I will be going to the dollar tree tomorrow to pick up a few things since that is all we can afford right now and maybe even something for Mom and Dad and my friend is paying me to make some soap and little tote bags. If anyone would like to brighten up Christmas for this family with any kind of small gifts please email me (link in my profile) and I can give you an address to mail any items or money to. Kids don't go by the price of a gift (at least mine never did) they just liked opening lots of stuff :)

I know it always makes me sleep better when I know I have helped someone that is having a hard time near Christmas. Why does it always seem worse at this time of year. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Nancy....goodness you hear so much of this kind of thing going on don't you...I pray for this family and you are a good person inside and out for being so thoughtful and asking others to help out - I pray there are many who can help.

ABOUT YOUR dear lady I can related. I have had chronic pain since 1989 and been dealing with different treatments. Mine is in the lower discs/hips/Sciatica...gone through shots, Radio Frequency Nerve burning (this worked great for the Sciatica)...but now it is so extreme in the Lumbar area (discs 2 throu 5 are bulging) so on Wednesday I get a NEUROSTIMULATOR put in my back - it has a 99% success rate. There are wire leads that connect to the spinal cord that sends pain signals to the brain...well this little thing STOPS that signal before it reaches that point.
PRAY FOR ME THAT IT WORKS...I'm physically and mentally exhausted from the pain SO I DO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH...I pray you get some kind of help. Ask your dr. about this procedure. It's not a cure...but it will make your life better.

What a fun time with your daughter and her friend!!!!! Such a peaceful place.