Thursday, March 3, 2011

Check this 7 finished

I started right after Christmas making quilts for my Family to use when they lay on the couch to watch T V or maybe just to take a nap..First I made a king size one for our bed but it is King Size and will have to take it to the Laundromat to was and dry . This is for my GD Ashley and she likes Dogs..I am not real good at embroidery but I stitched the names on each on I have a few pieces left over and will make a little dog bed for her little dog out of it
This is for my GD Jennifer...she gets cold real easy and she likes Kitties and will be making her a bed to match for her Kitty

This is where I stitched her is on a square made from corduroy

All my raggy quilts have 3 layers and for the bottom layer of Jennys I used a quilt and has the batting to keep her extra warm

This is for my 4 yr old Grandson Gavin and I used mostle 12" squares for his

Some of the squares are a lt washed out looking denim

I wanted to use the scraps so I mad some 9 blocks and some 4 blocks that are the same 12" when sewed together. He has Autism and likes real soft stuff so I put a real soft fabric on the bottom. I even used some squares of chenille and it has some prints with aquarium fish..He likes bright colors

This is a close up and I like the way this one turned out

This one has mostly nature prints and has flannel on the back..I took all the pictures in my guest room with 3 lights on and curtains open but could not get a real good pic of this one..It is for my 1 DIL

I used a light color square to put her name on and even after washing and drying it still has some lint on it

This is for my son Mark and he is married to Kelly and they both love nature...especially fishing

His name square turned out pretty good

This one is for my son Jimmy and has some print with a camping theme

The picture of his didn't turn out real good either and I don't know why..They all look better than what the pictures show

This is a nice warm and cozy one for my son Troy...he gets cold real easy and I used a blanket in the middle for his..It was way more work than the others but I think I might make some more with a blanket in the middle

I wasn't happy with the way his name looked so I added a heart on it

This is the lint I took out of my dryer every time I dryed one and this is only from 4 of the quilts

And this is what I did with all that lint..Will hang it outside in a tree where I can see it out a window and see if any birds come and take some through the holes to build a nest. I will take pictures and share them.
I think I am going to take a break from Raggy quilts for a while and work on other things...I have 10 months till Christmas.
My Husband clipped every one of the quilts for me and without his help I could not have got this many finished.
I have a friend coming down next month to visit and she will take all these back with her to my sisters to store until way could I afford to ship quilts and I still have a bunch to make :)


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, Pooh!!! I wrote such a long comment and I lost it somehow!!!! I just love these, Nancy! Can't believe you got all these done already. I think I'd choose the one with the nature prints, if I had to choose ONE! And the birds will love the lint! I have a bird's nest on my porch full of lint and Buster's hair!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Wow been a real busy lady..heck no wonder you don't have any time to work on doing any other projects.
The quilts are great... you ought tomake thos eto sell on Ebay or your Blog.. They are beautiful and sound so cozy and warm..

Have a great day!


colleens craft shed said...

Nancy, I love all the quilts. They all look so warm and cozy.
You sure have been working hard.

Dani said...

I AM impressed, Nancy..just wonderful and so nice that Billy helped you..your embroidery is fine and fits right in with the raggedy look...

Lynn S. said...

Nancy, I love all your quilt. Those are lucky family members.

papel1 said...

Theres no way I could snip all those raggy edges. The quilts are lovely for your family members. Will you adopt me?

Fran said...

Judy I think I saw Nancy say that the first one to come visit her gets a quilt. Right, Nancy?

Fran said...

Judy I think Nancy said the first one to come visit her gets a quilt. Isn't that right Nancy?

Gettysburg Homestead said...

WOW!!!! You have been busy!!! You really put thought into each one.

As for my quilt, I will probably hand quilt it. I can not figure out machine quilting yet. I always get puckers. Of course I could always tie it too to get done quicker.