Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love and Loyalty? Or just spoiled?

Hi..Calli here with an update on us and how we are doing
This is how we looked the day Mom and Dad came and saw us for the first time and decided that we could come and live with them. Look how sweet and innocent we are...Boy are they in for a BIG surprize We still can look pretty sweet and innocent,,We had a fence to play in for a while and we could come to the door when we wanted to come in....then we learned how to jump over and get out...Ticked Mom off so no more yard...back to being chaned out and not much exersize on a 30 ft chain
We are getting ready to move and here are some of the things that belong to Mom and Dad packed up. I guess Pickles wants to make sure she goes with.

Pickles has her own special basket and she lays in it and sometimes she smacks us if we get to close. We are not especially fond of her but I did hear Mom say what a good mouser she was (whatever that means) and any bugs that come in the house don't have a chance...we don't like bugs either so that is a good thing

Maggie has her very own chair and now Mom won't even think of putting it in her yard sale....Lucky maggie

Maggie waits for Mom to come to bed with our new toy..she is such a hog...she is always taking them away from me...Meanie Maggie..but she does get away with a lot of naughty things since she had Heart worm and almost died

Mom gave us a bath (and we do not like baths) and here is Maggie again trying to horn in on my time for attention with Dad

I guess we do make good throw rugs..We are by the side of the bed Mom sleeps in ( Dad sleeps in a bed with Bianca and Annie and there isn't room for us) so Mom sleeps in the guest room and we get to sleep in there with her.

We behave pretty good at night now so Mom doesn't make us go in our crate at night anymore

This is where Annie is helping us be area rugs in the kitchen...right where everyone has to walk.

Well Mom said we have cost a ton of Money so I guess this is our forever home. I heard her say that in 9 more months we will have outgrown the puppy stage and then we will be really great Dogs..I think we are fine just the way we are but she still doesn't like us chewing stuff and she really got upset with maggie today when she took the Prim doll Mom made and she tried to take its appendix out.
Maybe we will behave better when we get moved and have a fence to run and play in (without any snakes near by).
We are looking forward to seeing that stuff called snow that Bianca and Annie think is so great (They are American Eskimos) I bet we will like it too.
Please leave a comment and tell Mom that we are fine just the way we are and she can quit trying to teach us more manners :)


Carmen C. said...

LOL...OH YES you are both just fine and dandy and TOO sweet for words!!!!! I hope the move goes well for you and mom and dad also, I bet you will LOVE the snow;)

nancy huggins said...

Mom is NOT happy today..The A C went out in the middle of the night and it is 90 degrees in here. If they made prisioners stay in here they would never be bad again.Mom just wants to GET OUT OF HERE and GO BACK HOME

nancy huggins said...

A C is fixed and we all hope it stays fixed at least until we can get moved :)

ByLightOfMoon said...

You animals are fabulous Nancy and love them just like they are.
I have given up on teaching Emma not to jump but I hate for it to be on other people.

Take care, I am glad air is fixed.

Smiles, Cyndi

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh, I'll bet you have lots of tales to spin about these critters. LOL. So happy for you that you're getting to move back home:) Good luck! Hugs & Scritches!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my site from Donnas and leaving me a sweet comment.
How funny you have a Maggie too in your life. I have heard it is a very popular name for pets.
Love your babies and enjoyed my visit.
I am now your newest follower
I hope you entered my contest while you were at my site. It ends on the 6th

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

How this made me laugh! And yes, you are both just fine! And sweet! blessings,Kathleen