Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Interesting Evening and the Surrey is Sold

Tonight was a very interesting evening to say the Least.

The Guy that wanted the Surrey finally called and emailed again and wanted to come and see the Vintage Surrey I had for sale. He came with his friend and his friends nephew.

The one young man decided to take the surrey so it was sold and they loaded it up in his friends Van. We started talking and his friend "Chris" makes Graphics and he also builds Web Sites so we started talking and he showed me his web site he just built for himself and what a good idea he you all probably know there was a big problem with BP oil well just off the gulf down here and the owners (BP) are giving the U S the run around which has caused a lot of people to loose their jobs and some are even loosing their homes.

Well the Graphic that Chris made says it all and lets a lot of people say just what they think about BP..If anyone is interested in getting one of these awesome graphics to put in any window go to the link with the Dolphin picture on my side bar on the right and check it out.

It also will help the World Wildlife Fund that he donates part of the proceeds to when you buy one of his graphics that will make a statement.

He also bought some of my Loofah Soap and I did give him the special sale but the sales I posted have now ended.

I will try and post another special sale soon.

I would love to read your comments ...I see where all the visitors are coming from but I don't know who you are and it makes my Day to read your comments.


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh yay, the surrey sold. Isn't it a small world with so many of us living in it. How nice you made a friend of a nice fella.

Carmen C. said...

What an awesome graphic, love it!!! Glad you were able to make a sale and meet a new friend as well:) Hope you are staying cool and I bet the furbabies have been in their pool? Enjoy the day:)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you were able to sell the surrey..just one step closer to moving home..;) love the dolphin sticker too.. have a great thursday.;)