Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is just a few reasons why I am very anxious to go back to N IL.....This was part of my living room (before I got really big into "Prim"These 2 recliners you see here now have part of the left arm ripped off of one and part of the right arm ripped off the other one (Thank you Maggie and Calli) and the couch got sold thinking I would get another one when we got moved in down here...never did find a place to buy one
This is just one area of my garden up there..this was my Gourds and I had a bunch or really nice ones (guess it was the Black Dirt)
This was one of the small Mum plants you buy for about $1.69 and just 2 small Impatients on the corner of the Garage
This is me and #4 son at my Granddaughters wedding a few years ago
This is me and #1 son at same wedding (almost the whole family were there..just 2 out of 8 sons missed it)
This is my #1 son the day he rode to our house on his Motorcycle with my GD to get our car running (can't do that now 1000 miles away)
This is Christmas in 2008 at my friends house and she is opening her gift from us ..I think she liked it
This is my Manger that was busted when I got it and #6 son fixed it..It had mini lights under the snow on the roof
This is the front of our house one Christmas..Looks pretty neat with the snow...yep I even miss the snow on Christmas
This is one of my Granddaughters that I made a porcelain doll for on her BD and made matching to go to her party that year and a few years after
This is her 17th BD party a few weeks ago and that is her Uncle (# 7 son) I didn't get to her BD party this year or none of the other Grandkids parties either
This is when we lived in Central IL and my #8 son came down and brought Nellie with and it was her BD (she put all the clothes on that we got her for this picture (it was a 4 hour ride for them that year)
This is Nellie and she would come to visit us (from Chicago) and she would give her 4 legged sisters a bath while she was home
She did a great job ...evencleaned around their eyes with a Q tip..can't wait until she can come and visit and give maggie and Calli a bath :)
We had a bay window and Bianca and Annie stayed in that window all the time and loved to bark at everyone that parked in fron of our house when they went to Church on Sunday..There was a Church next door and across the street and every member at the Churches knew Bianca and Annie :)
This is one Mothers Day when #6 son and his wife came on Mothers day and brought me this plant..I dug it up when we moved (and all my other plants) and moved them to his house. It is HUGE now and he sends me pictures of all the plants I gave him.
This is another year that he brought me a plant with my 2 Granddaughters (This one died on me)
This is the McDonalds we saw when we went to visit Daughter in Chicago one week end (only had the 2 dogs then and took them with)
This is Mothers Day 2007 and Daughter took me to Andersons Gardens not to far from my house..I took this picture of her by one of the many beautiful ststues they had there
She bought some food for me to feed the Coi fish..Isn't this one a pretty color. They come close if you feed them and I think they like to have their picture taken
Here is one that was catching the pellets of food as I threw them :)
The week end we went to Chicago we went to Mellinium park and they have water running down off of a big rock. This is Nellie and her friend being silly and running through the water
Opps..almost forgot to show this hungry fish from the gardens
There are a lot of these painted cows all around Chicago and this is a picture of Nellie and Dad in front of one of them. They are kind of neat.
This is one of the hot spot famous restaurants in Chicago...a neat and different kind of place to eat.
Well that is my goal for moving..I miss my Family and Friends and Doctors and Vets and Dentists and stores all within 10 miles. I am making some progress with my moving fund and am 80% there so will be having another sale soon and also having a yard sale..I think I can make it by the first week in October.
Looking forward to a house with a fence for my 4 girls. They are getting fat from no exersize and Annie won't have so many seizures in a cooler place to live.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

loved the photos..and keep it up you are almost there.;)

Carmen C. said...

Nancy, those are lovely pics and I can see why you want to move back! Do you mind if I ask why you moved so far away? I complain alot in the winter about the cold and snow here in PA, but I can't imagine not having it, it changes up the scenery:)Enjoy the day sweetie!!!

Dani said...

Lovely photos....I well understand wanting to get back to family and friends..being so far away and in a somewhat hostile place....hope you can get the rest of the funds you need very soon..wish I could help more

papel1 said...

I really enjoyed all the pictures you shared. You have a great looking family and enjoyed seeing what some of your sons look like. I do hope you find a place you like as I know you do move a lot.

papel1 said...

Great Photos, you have a great family. Enjoyed them.
Judy I lost the first message I wrote here.

nancy huggins said...

Not many moves left in this 69 year old body Judy unless we find a better house to move into right there is the same town and we will have help up there :)
My friend will be finding a house for us so we will not see our next home until we pull in with the U Haul :)

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Nancy...what great memories! I can see why you want to get back there so bad. It WILL happen....and life will be SO much better! Best of luck to you! ~~Annie

moosecraft said...

Well... after seeing all that, I'd want to move back there too! :-)

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for sharing your memories with us! I would love to be there also!

Smiles, Cyndi

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

What wonderful pictures full of sweet and happy memories. I can understand why you want to go back. blessings,Kathleen

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Hi Nancy, sorry it has taken me awhile to get over to your blog, life has a habit of getting in the way of what I want to do!

Love all the pictures, hows the fund going? I hope you find the perfect home for you and your family and good luck in the Pegrail Gathering giveaway, not long to go now!

Have a great week,
Warm Blessings,

Nanna said...

thanks for visiting my Raggedys blog, I'm feeling a bit better & will get bak to posting on both blogs soon

The Gingerbread House said...

This was the first visit to your blog..I found it warm and friendly. Your large family is so loving to you ("You must have been a beautiful Mother (singing song like a beautiful baby' :o) I think you were mightily blessed with all those Sons...I only had one son and one son in law :o( and two girls, but I wouldn't trade any of them.
Thanks for sharing your joy. ginny