Monday, July 26, 2010

Gym Dandy Surrey

This is my Surrey that I bought at an auction in 1992..(It is a Gym Dandy Surrey)....It was sold at Marshall Fields in Chicago in 1941 or 42. I have had a lot of enjoyment with it and my Grandkids rode it when I lived on dead end street. Now I am downsizing and all the grandkids are grown so I will be listing it on Craigs list.
Art Linkletter had one on his show in the 50's and then he endorsed it and any that were made after his show have a logo on them saying they were endorsed by him which means they were made in the 50's.
I hate to part with it but since we are planning to relocate and I know it will take up room in the U Haul I have decided to let someone else enjoy it like we have. The canopy was pretty well worn and I took it off to use for pattern to try and make a new one. The one I tried to make came out to short so I gave up but I still have the original for the new owner to use for a pattern. I will post a picture of it in my selling blog and if anyone is interested they can email me through my selling blog.
I am going to have to keep this post short since I am still having a lot of pain in my back.....I will try and post again as soon as I can


papel1 said...

I appreciate the many visits you make to my blog. I hope you find a buyer for your surrey. We also are waiting for the cooler weather for RVing although we have a short trip planned in a few weeks hot or cold...then home for awhile that back on the road. Enjoy the day.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Nancy, what a cute surrey! I have been thinking of you. Can your family send you some HOME books from the grocery store to help YOU deceide where to move to when you get back North? Even rental property! Maybe you can get in the country again, but closer to your stores you like. Working in a Museum sounds fantastic! I bet Billy loved it.

Yes, on your post to my blog, that is a Mary Jane Farmgirl Blogger, and they have several! I just adored the flower fairies post.

I will have to call you for the lastest updates, I love your bags below. Chat with you soon,
Smiles, Cyndi