Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just listed a few new soap's that I made that are especially handy for gardeners..This soap dish will hand outside near your garden hose so you can wash your hands BEFORE you go back in the house It is soap inside the soap dish that is easy to use and put back when finished..Check out my selling blog (link on side bar) and see the other neat soaps I just made. Most of my items I make are One Of A Kind and can not be made again. I also just made some new Tucks,Ditty Bags and totes.
We will be having a Craft Sale right here at our house in June and everything in my selling blog (plus more) will be for sale that day....sooo if there is anything you like you better get it now because once it's gone...it's gone
As most of you know ...until we can make the pups fence higher we are tying them out. When Calli sees me coming out with the leash to bring her in she gets very excited

Yipee...Mommies coming to get me and I can go back in the house with her and Maggie will come in too

Calli jumps STRAIGHT up in the air and I know it is at least 5 ft up. I don't see how anyone or anything can jump that high just right straight up. So this means the fence will now have to be at least 6 ft high when we add on.

Opps..sorry I posted this picture twice and now I can't get it out :)
I sent this picture to my youngest son with a hint for Mothers Day and he said it took him a while to find it. He said the lady at the PO was so nice to him when she saw him come in with this pot in his hand. She boxed it up for him and he was pleased because she didn't even charge him for the tape like the last time he ws mailing something to me.
So my canning pot is now on the way and I can't wait to get it. The first thing I will be canning is the Apple Butter that I found the recipe for in Mommies Kitchen blog (link for it on the left side bar) When we lived in Wisconsin, I was told that if your corn is knee high by the 4th of July you will have a nice crop. And they don't even plant there until after Memorial Day (It was way up North)
Well I tool this picture last Saturday of Billy in the first planting of corn and it is definately higher than his knees (and he is 5'7")

Some of it is not quite that high but it is growing fast now..Getting my canner just in time :)

We have another plot of corn that is starting to come up now (wanted to space it so it all isn't ready to freeze at the same time)
This is deer tracks going through all the corn and Billys peas and beans too...Going to have to think of something to make the deer want to take a different route to get back to the woods

When Billy goes to store and gets home right after the mail has run he just passes the driveway a little and pulls up close to the mail box and grabs the mail.
Well today he was getting mail out of the box and a car came flying up behind him and almost hit him and then she aimed her car right at a truck that was coming towards her.
The Truck swung to keep from getting hit and went in the ditch and couldn't back out because reverse didn't work in his pick up

She got out of her car and started banging on his window and yelling and then she got back in her car and went down the road and turned around.
Billy asked him if he was O K and if he needed to call and report it. Guy said "NO" It was his woman going crazy again....I think someone should take her keys away and keep her off the road...when they have NO respect for others they don't need to be driving anywhere.
The guy had to go and get his uncle to pull him out.

The other news I got a phone call about today was that a Lady got bit by a Rattlesnake at the local WM when she was checking out. Picked up her 6 or 12 pack of soda and there was the rattle snake and her babies.
I know they come in with the garden supplies sometimes but the garden section is at the far left of the store and the soda is on the far right of the store...Pretty scary to know that there are Rattle snakes slithering across the WM from one end to the other. I think I may be buying my groceries at Wynn Dixie from now on .
Thats all for now folks...I love to read your comments so please take the time to let me know what your thinking and if you are tired of the things I blog about :)


Dani said...

hi, nancy....wow..your corn looks great! ours isn't that tall yet although we are getting tomatoes ...I've been doing alot of weeding, trying to stay busy and out of the restoration companies hair....but close by if they need anything....

DeeDee said...

Howdy...been awhile since I made it around..How is Maggie doing..I see Cali is jumping high..hehehe! love the soaps..cannot wait till I can get my checks back and get me some.......I loved your scare crow...soon I will be posting mine she is lovely.,.,have a good week...nice looking corn there too

Carmen C. said...

LOL, your posts are very entertaining Nancy, and I'm headed to WM this morning, so I will keep my eyes out for snakes...YIKES! I remember hearing a couple years ago about someone finding a black widow spider in a bunch of grapes! Your corn looks great and miss Callie looks like she's found some jumpin' beans to eat, LOL, that high jump is very impressive:D Enjoy your day sweetie!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Buster jumps really high, too! Scarey sometimes. I love it when he thinks he can fly and catch vultures. Can't understand why he can't do what they do. I heard about snakes in the plants. Not just at WM, either. Seems that a lot of nurseries have the problem. Cool, moist, shaded, etc. Trouble is, they leave the plants and go through the stores.
Loved the pictures! Corn is looking great. Can I come for a corn roast?????

ByLightOfMoon said...

Wow Nancy, That lady is unreal and glad Billy is OK! I know absolutely nothing about canning but My Mother makes the best apple and pear butter! She doesn't have a garden just goes to the farmers market in Missouri. My grandparents had a city garden and grew the best corn and green beans, little tiny potatoes and had an apple tree. I wish I had paid more attention back then.

I gardened yesterday and used recycle bags.I also used your fabulous citrus soap and loved it! I will have to take the photos to upload them later, but soon.

I am excited to come see you in June. Did you know this weekend is the Hwy 11 513 mile long craft show? I just found out last night. I saw it on Facebook! If you are near Hwy 11 anywhere coming from MS. It comes up thru Vance near Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Trussville then on up north.

I will check in with you later, we have errands today!
Smiles, Cyndi