Sunday, May 16, 2010


Couldn't think of something new to blog about so this is what you get for now...I got my canner from #8 son in the mail Sat and just had to use it so I took the recipe for canned Apple pie filling from Mommy's kitchen (her blog is on my side bar on the left) and went to buy some ingredients I needed..It was a lot of work peeling 6 pounds of Apples to make 6 pies but I am sure it will be worth all the work when I make a pie (which will only be when we have special guests) When I got up the first thing I did was make a batch of Strawberry Freezer jam (since they were on sale) but am not real happy with the way it looks..It is in the freezer now and if I don't like the way it looks a few days from now...I will thaw it out and cook it down and refreeze it.
I will let you know what happens. One of the recipes I really wanted to try was the recipe for Apple Butter from Mommy's Kitchen so I peeled 3# of Apples and added all the other ing and put in crock pot this morning..It is looking more like Applebutter now but had to cook it all day and decided to heat it up in the morning and then can it. I LOVE home made Apple Butter and will put up some more when Apples go on sale and maybe even some Applesauce :)
Took a stroll out to the Garden and took a few pictures of some things to update those of you that wanted to know...(guess if you don't want to know you just don't have to read any more LOL...This is how much the Sunflowers have shot up and Billy did find some big bugs...I went on google to find Organic bug killer and it told different herbs for different plants...Well I don't have time to make different sprays so I just took ALL of the dried herbs I have and threw them in a big pot and boiled them for a while...I figured if Garlic mixed with Lavender and other herbs don't gag them nothing will...of course then it started raining so they might get sprayed Monday if ground isn't to wet. (I am hoping the little cute bunny that keeps checking out my garden will gag and go to the neighbors)...Their garden looks like much better eating

The Green Peppers look pretty good do far and I am kind of anxious to start freezing them...have a few different ideas for freezing them

Not to sure how well the Broccoli will do...It grew real good for me in Wisconsin so will have to just wait and see how it does

Billy has about 6 LONG rows of Crowder Peas and he is in for a big job if they all do good

He has about the same of Butter Beans..Have fun shelling Beans and peas when it is H O T out Honey...I will be inside freezing stuff so can't help you out LOL

Then I tried so many different ways to plant Cantaloupe and all of a sudden all my efforts are coming up all over...we have at least 40 Cantaloupe plants and if they all do good he might just be selling them out of the back of the pick up

And unless he plans to go on a watermelon diet he will be doing the same with the 60 watermelon plants that are coming up...Last year he threw watermelon rinds out there and low and behold they are coming up here and there LOL.
I am pretty sure we will never plant a garden this big EVER much work and to much money...I really am hoping for a bumper crop of Corn and Tomatoes and sure am glad we bought a nice upright freezer 3 years ago.
Just hope we never have a loss of power ...I might get a little upset if that happens :)
Be sure and come back again soon for the give away I am planning...just have to dig the stuff out and take pictures..Not going to tell you what it is but I think there is quite a few of you that would enjoy having it come to you in your mail box.
Back to the Vet again on 19th so Bianca can have her tests for Heartworm so we can keep getting the meds for her...Guess I will be paying this vet forever :)


Carmen C. said...

WOW, that's alot of good things growing in your garden! Sounds like a busy time but come next winter it will all taste so good:)

Laura Frantz said...

Wonderful post, Nancy! Beautiful pics and garden and canning. I sure miss canning - beets and green beans and chow chow are my favorite. Love it all, though. Bless you for all your efforts!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Well, I thought I would come
over to tell ya that my sister
lived in S. IL for years and I
did for a short time and she
lived on what they called
Rattle Snake Hill!!! So, keep
a look out because there are
snakes there! I would never
have thought that you could be
bitten in a store! I think our
snake was a Prairie King snake,
which aren't poisonous...I was
checking out pics of TX snakes.
I have only seen two
on the property in 24 yrs!
I just had to post it!!!
I was either, brave or stupid,
I don't know which, for
getting back on the roof!!!

Bear Hugs~Karen

papel1 said...

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. Your pictures and garden are wonderful. You seem to adapt well to a difficult situation, why you just might learn to like it there, ha. I have never liked canning and all that but have had fresh vegetables way in the past. I do have lots of herbs and my lavendar is starting to bud.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Wow, Nancy, your garden looks fabulous! I have no idea how to can but I love to eat apple pies and applesauce, and butter. Sign ,I get Pippin Plush Pies at WalMart, They never go wrong cooking them. and they are wonderful. I idea of cooking is turning the oven on! Oh, I bet that gets some raised eyebrows!
But, you are like my Mother, she loves cooking and being in the kitchen.

I mainly do flower gardens and love lavender and rosemary, mint and rocks! I do love rocks too! I have been finding many heart shaped ones lately so I started saving them special so they don't get tossed away!

I will have to blog them this week maybe. I love seeing your pictures and hearing what you have been up too!
Smiles, Cyndi